Hunting Act 2004

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  • Arguments Against Animal Injustice

    Poaching, and other forms of animal cruelty, should be illegal in all parts of the world. To completely get rid of animal injustice, we need to focus more on hunting and abuse, the state of enclosures, and habitat reduction. (claim;NEED TO STOP HUNTING) We have long passed the age where we needed to hunt live prey to survive the cold, hungry winters. In the modern world, food is available at the touch of a button. We can walk less than two minutes away…

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  • Order Versus Chaos In Macbeth By William Golding

    All stories have conflict, a good side fighting the evil side, order versus chaos, in a seemingly endless cycle. In a book called Lord of the Flies by William Golding, a group of kids are stranded on an isolated island, which brings out their true selves, some being chaotic and savage, others being logical and orderly. The island is divided into two groups, The Hunters; a large group of savages that only wanted to play, hunt, and ignore rules, and those who just wanted to get home. In the play…

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  • Short Story: Happy Jack Squirrel

    ack the Squirrel Happy Jack Squirrel had had a wonderful day. He had found some big chestnut-trees that he had never seen before which promised to give him all the nuts he would want for winter. Happy Jack started on his long journey around the open field. Now, Happy Jack's eyes are bright, and there is very little that Happy Jack does not see. So, as he was jumping from one tree to another, he spied something down on the ground which excited his curiosity. "I must stop and see what that is,"…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Justification Of Killing Animals

    males who are aggressive to the younger animals and even kill them to maintain dominance. This is bad because usually these males are no longer mating and thus are simply killing off their species without contributing to the repopulation. Trophy hunting is actually viewed as a positive in the conservation of not only the collective herd of the animal, but also the tourism generated helps indigenous peoples garner some money to sustain themselves.…

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  • Hunting Argumentative Essay

    plus numerous other reasons states why hunting is needed. Hunting is a necessary process due to the fact that hunting provides jobs, hunting feeds people, hunting keeps the wildlife population at the right level, and…

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  • Non Human Animal Rights

    proactive way as well as others have a subtler way of approaching the rights of animals. Furthermore, it is unethical for big game hunting for the sake of a trophy, a good example, killing Cecil and Xanda (son) of the lion back in 2017 had said that, it would be acceptable to hunt only if it is a source of food in some cultures in particular Indigenous culture hunting animals every part of the animal is used the animal is killed in a humane way as part of the culture tobacco is laid down…

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  • Narrative Essay On My First Time Of Trap Shootings

    My first time going trap shooting The first time I want trap shooting was when I was 12 and into shooting sports. One day I decided to ask my friend that went trap shooting with his dad a lot if I could go with him next time he was going, of course, his dad said if my parents are ok with it. So I went and asked my parents they said I could go. I was ecstatic at the thought of my first time going trap shooting and I had a lot of questions like, how do I do this?, is it going to be hard?, will I…

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  • The Relationship Between The Wolf And The Raven

    Life’s cycle is shown by three certain animals: the rabbit, the wolf, and the raven. Each one plays an important role in keeping the environment balanced. They come together to create a powerful symbiotic relationship. Personally, I feel this relationship has pertained to myself for the past few years. There is the rabbit that represents the sacrifices needed to be made for it will feed the wolf. This correlates to the time that I have given to both my community and family. The wolf who…

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  • Gorillas In The Crossfire Analysis

    The New York Times Op-doc, “Gorillas in the Crossfire”, produced on 7 November 2014 by Orlando von Einsiedel show the story of Andre Bauma, a man who takes care of mountain gorillas of Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo, intentions for Mountain Gorillas freedom. The Op-Doc shows how war has been rising for 2 decades and hundreds of soldiers have been killed or harmed trying to protect their park. The park has been raided by armed rebels and these soldiers jeopardize their…

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  • English Setter Dog

    Since the old times, as early as 400 years ago, the Setter dog breed had been bred in England as a hunting dog. According to, the English Setter was probably a cross breed between several hunting dogs which included the Pointer and the Spaniel. Back then, the Setter dog was aptly given its name due to its behavior of crouching low whenever it hunts birds so that its owner could then throw a net over its prey. But in the 19th century, Englishman Edward Laverack and Welshman R.L.…

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