Rhino Poaching Research Paper

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Rhinoceroses are mammals that have sub-species occurring in Africa, South America and parts of Asia. These mammals have a nasal horn which consists of a protein called keratin. Rhinos are poached for their horn. In many Asian cultures rhino horn is believed to have magical properties. This has led to the increase in rhino poaching. Rhino poaching is the act of illegally harvesting rhino horn for sale on the black market. Rhinos are killed by poachers as it is easier to harvest the horn from a dead rhino. The increased rhino poaching statistics suggests that the rhino population is decreasing at faster rate than ever before signifying that the rhino species is at risk of extinction. These statistics are worrisome and the research being conducted is to determine whether or not there is hope left to save the rhinos. The research will help conclude whether or not the public is aware of rhino poaching while at the same time …show more content…
Which mean they keep the ecosystem in balance as they are apex consumers, they consume such a large quantity of grass and leaves each day that they keep vegetation growth in check which means that the amount of food for other herbivores is limited which keeps the population numbers down. If the vegetation gets too over grown it can change the structure of the landscape making large areas of land unsuitable for other antelope species. Rhinos have symbiotic relationships with many bird species which means if rhinos go extinct many bird species may also go extinct. Being an umbrella species means that rhinos are a part of all areas of the ecosystem. This means that they have an effect on all areas. This meaning if rhinos go extinct, the delicate balance of nature will tip. Causing some areas of the ecosystem to overdevelop and others to not develop at all. Rhinos have no natural predators, human beings are their only enemies. (Cillie,

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