Hospital-acquired pneumonia

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  • Urgent Care Case Study

    What Is Urgent Care In Coral Gables? An urgent care center is a type of clinic that provides care to patients who need immediate medical services. No appointment is required to visit an urgent care center. Urgent care centers are the best choice for people who have an illness or injury that is not life-threatening, but it needs to be treated immediately. Cuts requiring stitches, sprains and broken bones are examples of some of the things that can be treated an urgent care center. You can also…

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  • Analysis Of Taneisha Grant's When The Simulated Patient Is For Real

    In the story of Taneisha Grant “When the Simulated Patient is for Real,” Grant realizes that her education will always continue a pounce her encounter with Mr. G because it does not matter what “race, gender, or socioeconomic” status the patient has (182). Grant emphasizes that a patient is just a person that needs to be treated and not prejudice. Grant empathizes on Mr. G encounter to be a “successful interaction” since she was able to use her “patient centered interview skill that [she] [had]…

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  • Cardiac Arrest Speech Outline

    The American Heart Association or AHA reports that approximately 326,000 cardiac arrests occur every year out of the hospital, and 4 out of 5 cardiac arrests happen at home. 1. Cardiac arrests happen “when electrical impulses in the heart become rapid or chaotic, which causes the heart to suddenly stop beating” (CPR Facts). 2. According to National Heart, Lung, and Blood…

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  • Hospice Care Ethical Issues Essay

    member. This was clearly a hipaa violation. The author discovered through her experiences that even though everyone should have advanced directives, nobody ever asked to see them, and even if people do have them, they don’t usually bring them to the hospital anyway. She did eventually obtain the documents, however, not once did anyone ask to see them. The author stated that she was grateful to Hospice for their tremendous support and counsel, and for giving her sister a peaceful death. No other…

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  • Barbara Reuter Fraud

    In 2006 in Edmonds, Washington, a woman from Everett by the name of Barbara Reuter who was 48 years old, stole information about her homeless shelter roommate. She stole her name, social security number, date of birth and other information in order to commit medical identity theft. Her roommate was a Medicaid client from DSHS in Washington State. Barbara assumed her identity to go to doctors. She would then present certain symptoms to the doctors in order to get a prescription for narcotics. She…

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  • Teamstepps Team Perceptions: Case Study

    nurse managers” (2014). This article is resourceful in showing how to successfully conduct a survey and collect data. Leach and Mayo collected data to determine the efficiency in managing patients’ needs in critical situations in a large teaching hospital (2013). This article is a great example of efficient data collection. Both journal articles give great insight on how to best implement strategies into a facility and monitor participation in order to measure data. Unit A could utilize the…

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  • The Importance Of Medical Interpreting

    Second one is Telephonic medical interpreting which is most commonly used mode in most of the hospitals. The third one, videoconferencing medical interpreting is where the technology comes into picture as we have discussed that there are more than 200 languages spoken, it is not feasible to have 200 different medical interpreters. Hence, videoconference…

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  • Real Age Test Research Paper

    My name is Andy Woodson and I took the real age test to calculate how old my lifestyle really made me. My chronological age is 18 years but my real age varies just a little. After taking the real age test, the test concluded that my real age is 15.3 years old which is 2.7 years younger than my chronological age. The way I understand it, the younger your real age is, the better and healthier your lifestyle reveals you to be. I am actually very pleased with the outcome of the real age test because…

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  • Rasmussen Encephalitis Epilepsy Case Study

    Kasi was diagnosed with Rasmussen Encephalitis Epilepsy. Dr. John F. decided that she needed to undergo surgery to stop the madness. While performing this surgery, they will have to take out the left side of Kaci’s brain Kaci has had so many seizures every day. She almost went completely paralyzed. She had 100 seizures a day! Like said, for that to stop she would have to undergo surgery to stop it. After the surgery, Kaci looks like she’s doing a lot better then she had been before. (Pg.186;…

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  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder Essay

    Body Dysmorphic Disorder is defined by the DSM-IV-TR as a preoccupation with an imagined defect in appearance, in a normal-appearing person. It can also be excessive concern over a slight physical defect. Over the last few years, Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) has become the focus of increasing media attention particularly in relation to being cited as one of the main reasons why people seek out cosmetic surgery, as well as being implicated in a wide variety of diverse medical or psychiatric…

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