Hospital-acquired pneumonia

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  • Medical Malpractice Research Paper

    Hospitals, radiologists, medical assistants, nurses or any other professional or institution charged with caring for or treating a patient can commit malpractice. However, the standard of care to which each group is held depends on the standard of care within their specialty, profession or industry. • Approximately one-third of the nation's hospital patients experienced an adverse event, and 7 percent suffered permanent injury…

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  • The Importance Of Safety In Healthcare

    patients. Medical error can be a result lack of appropriate action of hospitals or medical professionals.…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Cycle That Changed My Life

    There she was lying nearly dead on the hospital bed. She had an allergic reaction to one of the medicines she was given through an iv. A couple nurses surrounded around her ,they were trying to help her,she couldn't breath. This was my mom when I was 9 years old. When i was in elementary school i remember coming home off the school bus and my grandma or aunt be waiting for me. I would ask “wheres mom?” they would tell me “she's in the hospital again”. This became a cycle that happened quite…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Young Boy's Surgery

    and rhythmically dripped onto the tiled floor, seemingly in unison with his undulating heartbeat. Strangely, I was intrigued more than I was horrified. I saw this young boy’s surgery last summer while shadowing an orthopedic surgeon at the Apollo Hospital in Ahmedabad,…

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  • Craniopagus Twins Case Study

    In 1987 Ben Carson traveled to Germany to meet a couple, whose infant twins were conjoined at the head. Ben Carson tells the couple that he can separate the twins, but there’s a risk of losing one or both of the twins. Craniopagus twins are twins that are fused at the cranium. This condition affects 10-20 for every million of babies born. The union in craniopagus twins may occur on any portion of the calvarium, but does not include either the face or the foramen magnum. The thorax and abdomen…

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  • Emergency Department Nursing Case Study

    Post-Traumatic Stress in Emergency Department Nurses Emergency Department (ED) nurses throughout the world are frequently exposed to traumatic events (TE) at work. These events lead to symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Emergency Department nurses also encounter conflicts among management, which can affect the quality of services rendered to the patients. Emergency Department (ED) nurses use conflict management style to resolve conflict, and to determine whether their…

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  • Colleen Hardee Reflective Report

    On Wednesday, September 30th, 2015 I continued my preceptorship and went back to B6, which is the neurology floor at Jackson General Hospital. My Preceptor was Colleen Hardee, the unit director of the floor. The mission statement of the hospital was, “To improve the health and well-being of the communities we serve while providing exceptional and compassionate care.” I stepped on the floor at 0750, but I could not find the clinical manager or unit director. I was suppose to be with the clinical…

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  • Brain Stimulation Therapy Essay

    In addition to that, brain stimulation therapy is another form of treatment that is done when medication or psychotherapy does not help reduce or cure the depression. Brain Stimulation theraphy is done by using electroconvulsive therapy also know as ECT. Brain stimulation therapy is done so that it activates or inhabitates the brain by using electricity. The electricity is pulsed through through the brain by using electrodes placed around the scalp in precise and spicific areas. Through these…

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  • Safe Staffing And Communication Essay

    It is the responsibility of nurses, hospitals, physicians, accrediting agencies, and legislative bodies to provide safe care to the public/consumer. (Ballard, 2003) It is crucial to keep patients safe during their hospital stay. Nurses struggle with environmental obstacles every shift while trying to keep patients safe. Hospitals remain short staffed, and nurses are afraid to report errors in fear of losing their jobs. These factors lead to problems in communication and nurses are forced to…

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  • Hair Replacement Surgery

    Possibly the superlative aspect of hair transplant is that is an everlasting answer to balding. Other treatments such as DHT inhibitor and laser only work as long as you continue to use them but hair replacement is for life. It is correct that hair, not skin that can age an individual most. Getting that new hairline will summon up the youth that was taken away from you before its time. Often individuals who recuperate their crowning glory will feel better about themselves and become more…

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