Hospital-acquired pneumonia

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  • EMT Personal Statement

    My experiences, academic background and personality are three key aspects of my life that make the medical field a preference and a particularly suitable field for me. My interest in medicine was first sparked when I volunteered at CentraState Medical Center working with geriatric patients. To further explore this interest, I joined the First Aid Squad in my town. Riding on ambulances and volunteering at the squad provided much-needed insight into the field and taught me valuable skills, such…

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  • Safe Needles Save Lives: Literature Review

    Literature Review In the article “Safe Needles Save Lives” it discusses how even though there is a law for the use of safe needles, sharps are still injuring too many nurses. “In eight years of data collecting, there have been 25,000 reported injuries occurring during injection procedures. (Trossman, 2010).” The article believes that sharps injuries can be prevented if health care professionals all work together to emphasize the importance of sharps injury prevention so there is more…

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  • Fall Prevention In The Hospital Setting

    Fall Prevention in the Hospital Setting As today’s technology has advanced the older population is increasing. Although this is excellent, it also allows the older population to have more complications in the hospital setting. One of these complications is falling. According to Lippincott procedures and “Patient Engagement in Hospital Fall Prevention” by Chang-Yi Yin and Huey-Ming Tseng, there are many ways to prevent a fall from happening in the hospital setting. According to both articles,…

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  • Nurse Ratched: Movie Analysis

    orderlies and the dispensing of medication to patients, she also leads daily therapy group sessions for the men in the ward who are able to participate, voluntary or not. Since the movie released, the “Nurse Ratched” figure appears in every mental hospital; the head nurse developing a very tight schedule and having influential power over the whole ward. Because of the caring and helpful façade of the mental health care system, there lies a subtle and widespread attempt to enforce compliance and…

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  • Apa Case Study Hospice Care

    Tim is 75 years old and his kidney failure was diagnosed as terminal; Tim's wife could not accept the truth and was driven away from Tim. Tim died at the hospital and was very much alone, but if Tim's wife would of looked into a hospice care she would of prevented a solitary death and guilt. Hospice care is an option for families with someone that has been diagnosed, like in this case, Tim has kidney failure as terminal, and a hospice care can provided the help necessary to have a more…

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  • Nursing Home Care Case Study

    Finding a place for an aging relative to live can be a very difficult choice. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration in order to find the best possible place for the relative to spend the final years of their life. One aspect to consider is the patient’s mental health condition. Since only 5% of adults over 65 and 20% over 80 have dementia, there is a good chance that their mental health is fairly stable. If their mental health is in good condition, I would look into…

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  • Reflective Essay: Community Identity At Work

    Community identity at work A community in which I feel the greatest alliance is my work community. I been working as medical assistant for the past 3 years. I really enjoy my place of work the people around and the patients I have to encounter with. I have contact with lot of kids since my work place is a pediatric clinic. The doctors at the clinic are very enjoyable to work for. A typical day at work consisted of a steady flow of patients coming into the office to be seen. The most enjoyable…

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  • Human Patient Simulation Paper

    Today in the simulation, we assessed 63 year old Frankie Delpuerta. He came in from raking leaves when he suddenly was overcome with shortness of breath. He had complaints of pain in the chest, left arm and jaw with shortness of breath, and he looked pale and felt clammy. His vital signs seemed normal except his heart and respiratory rates were higher than normal and he was hypotensive with a blood pressure of 92/58. During the examination, he was very anxious the whole time of what was going on…

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  • Patient Zero Case Study

    When Thomas Eric Duncan, patient who flew back from Liberia, landed he later went to the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital to seek medical attention after experiencing a fever, abdominal pain, dizziness, and nausea. Failure of diagnosis the first visit he was sent home, yet he went back after his condition worsening. The CDC sprang into action by dispatching a response team to the hospital. The team wore hazmat suits, quarantined the patient, and back tracked to all the people he has came into…

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  • Advantages Of HITECH

    HITECH The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical health (HITECH) Act of 2009 was designed to decrease healthcare costs, improve health outcomes, coordinate care, and protect personal health information in an electronic format. Three of the core programs associated with HITECH include: establishing guidelines to address personal health information security breach notifications and develop guidelines to be utilized in an electronic environment, Medicare incentives for meaningful…

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