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  • Category Two: Theological Questions

    Category Two: Theological Questions 1. What is the church’s statement of faith and how did the church devise it? 2. What has been the most vexed theological question the church has faced? Has there ever been a church split over theology or practice? Why? 3. What is this church’s theology? 4. What would the church’s position be on the role of women? 5. What is the church’s position on the function of charismatic gifts? 6. Is there a different kind of membership for someone differing on secondary…

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  • Uppsala Betray The Two Billion: An Analysis

    Uppsala acknowledged secular world as locus and context of mission, “to a humanity that cries passionately and articulately for a fully human life.” This shift of focus from individual conversion towards world foreshadowed the crisis in mission as found in Donald McGavran’s question “Will Uppsala Betray the Two Billion?” According to McGavran the document “Renewal in Mission” did not give an authentic proposal for personal proclamation of the gospel, necessity of faith, the unevangelized…

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  • Operation Mobilization Summary

    Porter family serves in Middle East Salvation spreads through the Middle East Missionaries to the Middle East share insights into the culture. The Western world seems to gravitate towards negative or fearful views of the Middle East and the people groups that live there. Inspire of the highly publicized violence of Muslim extremists, God’s message of redemption is rapidly spreading through Islamic people groups. Great and Laura Porter are missionaries who have been involved in the Middle East…

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  • Mount Vernon Baptist Church: Monthly Prayer Calendar

    Mount Vernon Baptist Church Monthly Prayer Calendar Let us Pray… Day 1: For the world in which we live and breathe: pray that we would be wise and compassionate stewards of our Father’s World. Pray for Christians around the world: that together we will be faithful witnesses of the Gospel and the kingdom of God. Day 2: For our World: that our leaders may govern wisely, recognizing their need for God’s guidance and that as citizens we may live responsibly, seeking…

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  • Difference Between Act 1 And Luke 24

    question about what they previously thought of when they thought of the idea of a savior, “a nationalistic Messianic reign”. Jesus ascends in a dramatic way to get the disciples to focus less on this idea and focus more on the task of universal evangelism. The disciples also need to focus less on when Jesus will return. Verse…

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  • Margaret Olofson

    Hamilton College’s associate professor and chair of the English department, Margaret Olofson, in her article entitled “The Puritan Origins Of Gulliver’s Conversion In Houyhnhnmland” discusses the parallels of Gulliver’s conversion in Houyhnhnmland to the conversion experiences of notable Puritan writers at the time. She brings up passages from specific parts of both Swift’s text and compares the language used to that of such historical figures as John Bunyan. However, Olofson is quick to point…

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  • Ray Comfort: A Brief Summary

    didn’t like the flow and the way Comfort went on in his video. Dr. Hugh Ross is a creation scientist and president and founder of the Reasons To Believe Christian organization. He had one of his staff members write a review saying how the video hurts evangelism more than evolution and asked where in scripture does Jesus mock unbelievers who had different views than his? Comfort, in my thoughts, never was attacking the students and professors he talked to. He was simply posing basic questions…

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  • Couples Mentorship Analysis

    keeps. The couples mentoring program would provide a strategically organized plan of attack that will disarm the enemy, produce healthy marriages, effect the view young people have regarding marriage, impact the community, and provide a means of evangelism. The program provides a means for the church to become relevant to the world. It moves one from being disconnected and disengaged to connected and engaged. A tactic of Satan is to divide, isolate and conquer. The program seeks to engage one…

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  • Informative Speech On Jesus

    Introduction: 1. Have you ever watched the last movie in a series and been completely lost? A. If you have ever seen the Harry Potter films out of order, you know this feeling. B. When this happens, the story is disconnected and makes no sense. C. The various allusions to prequels are also muddled. 2. When it comes to the Bible, the same thing happens. A. Try reading it backwards and see if it makes sense. B. Unfortunately, though, people often read what they like and discard the rest. C. We…

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  • The Importance Of The Bi-Vocational Ministry

    being bi-vocational can give me the ability to stand up to false Christians, who want me to tickle their ears with heresy. No one can force me into compromise; God owns me, not them. Finally, everything I do I must do with excellence, whether in my life or in the congregation. But I do it simply as to be a good and humble stewards of my time and money. Doctrinal beliefs The Bible: The Bible is the Word of God. Jesus Christ the Word focal point of that Word written (John 1:1-14). Whatever…

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