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  • Living The Cross-Centered Life Summary

    The author of Living the Cross-Centered Life: Keeping the Gospel the Main Thing is C.J. Mahaney. Mahaney is currently the pastor at Sovereign Grace Church in Louisville, and formerly held the position as president of Sovereign Grace Ministries, a mission which focused on church planting and growing. He also served as pastor for 27 years at Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland. His 30-plus years of experience in vocational ministry are what qualify him to write this book. Summary of…

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  • Ephesians 2: 1-10: Our Life Before Jesus And After Christ

    2.0 Passage: Ephesians 2:1-10 Our life before Christ and after Christ, we were dead in sin but made alive in Christ. 2.1. We were dead in our transgressions and sin, this was the state we were in before receiving Christ (1-3) In verse 1 Paul writes ‘As for you, you were dead in your transgressions and sins’. “The death to which Paul referred was not physical death, as is clear from Paul’s description. Death is a metaphor for the existence of people who are alienated from God. Life is in God…

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  • Old Light Vs New Light

    Christian faith. The term New Lights were initially used during the Great Awakening, in the middle of the 18th century. The Old Light condemned emotionalism and promoted the ideals of the Enlightenment. Unlike the Old Lights, the New Lights supported evangelism, the new methods of prayer, and equality before Christ. The New Lights strayed from tradition and promoted an emotional style of religion that the Old Light did not allow. Revivalist in the colonies, most certainly opposed the idea of a…

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  • William Carey's Influence In Missions Of The Moravians

    David Brained evangelized Native Americans in New England and the Middle Atlantic colonies in North America. The Protestant missions were the result of extraordinary spiritual awakenings that were based on the teaching of the Reformation. The influence in missions of the Moravians upon the leadership of Ludwig Von Zinzendorf, they were devoted to missions and determined to reach “the Souls of the Lamb.” The influence of William Carey through his missionary work and his manifesto titled, “An…

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  • The 4 P's Model Of Marketing In The Insurance Industry

    there is a change in this trend where the companies are now looking to creative missions and brand experience that are so inspiring to consumers that they engage with you – and share their enthusiasm with others. This is a more powerful approach - evangelism. In recent trend of marketing products, it is evident that the products with a more emotional and passionate appeal win over products that lack either of the two qualities. Thus, when promoting a product of insurance, it is not enough to…

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  • Russell's Argumentative Essay: The Existence Of God

    God Does Exist God, the one and only being perfect in wisdom, power, all goodness and whom is worshipped as our creator and ultimate ruler of the universe. The most perfect being that can ever be conceived1. The same God that introduced evil, temptation and destruction to man. Could one being be the cause of all madness and mayhem? How is one meant to conceive that god only inflicts evil if he is intending to “bring good out of evil”2. With the influence and advancement of modern day technology…

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  • Ann Hopkins 'Poem God's Grandeur'

    creates has a connection because of his design. And since a number of things are connected, it's as if Hopkins is giving his case that there is a creator because of this evidence. Evangelism is one of the main objectives of a follower of Christ, and since most Hopkins' poems reflect on Christ, he is doing his duty of evangelism through…

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  • Field Education Experience Essay

    My Field education experience in my chosen area of Christian Education proved to be a valuable experience. I was afforded the opportunity to work within my church, Galilee United Church of Christ. Together with the pastor, lay leaders, and other members, we meet around the table to discuss the process for planning Christian Education classes. My pastor served in a supportive role as counselor/mentor on my behalf. Further, he gave me the lead on this project and furnished me with great insight on…

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  • Community Church Case Study

    INTRODUCTION On Sunday, October 13, 1996 the Word of Life A.M.E. Community Church was founded held its initial service at the Harmony Hall Regional Center in Fort Washington, Maryland. The Word of Life A.M.E. Community Church was admitted to the Washington Annual Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church the following year on April 18, 1997 In 1997 the Word of life Academy was created via partnership with another entity in Accokeek Maryland. Classes started in September of…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Engaging In Missions

    In this essay, I am going to describe and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of engaging in missions using the lens of reason, with a brief overview of two other lenses: Tradition and experience. I will present ideas from the perspectives of my father, a missionary and my granduncle, the Right Reverend Datuk Bolly Lapok. Also I will share my experience of dealing with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and Depression through poetry and spoken word and how those platforms impacted…

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