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  • Old Testament Asceticism

    The basis for Old Testament asceticism was to be set apart from the Gentile nations around Israel. Holiness would be found in the bodily actions of the people of God. In addition, the Church adopted many of the ascetical practices of Judaism. With the persecution of the Church ending, monastic life sprung up. Many sought to grow in their spirituality through bodily discipline. On the other hand, spiritual disciplines can occur without separating oneself from society or even depriving…

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  • Evangelization Of Christianity

    will meet in a confirmed location every Sunday and have mass. It provides a place for them to deepen their faith and connection among each other. They aid poor; share food and property; diligent and humble. Most of churches have the same goal of evangelism. The family will go to mass to the Church together. It forms a tradition inherited by the next generation as well as family faith. Their neighbor, who was a Christian, will wonder what are those people doing and try to comprehend. The…

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  • Cultural Transition In American Culture

    Every culture has its specific traditions associated with transitioning from childhood to adulthood. Various cultures sometimes share similar traditions like marriage and the importance of growing facial hair to show that you are becoming an adult. However, some things are unique to certain cultures. As the son of Jamaican immigrant parents, I have a specific cultural transition that not everyone experiences. Also, since my parents are heavily involved in Christian ministry, some of my…

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  • Philippians 1: 3-11 Analysis

    Paul’s inaugural address in Philippians 1:3-11 gives thanks to God and expresses joy for the effectual, transformative work of Christ that courses through lives of the Philippians believers, which has caused them to be partners “in the gospel from the first day until now” (v.5). Yet, Paul does not conclude his salutation with thanksgiving and rejoicing. Rather, Paul sees the gospel work through an eschatological lens evidenced through his assurance in that “he who began a good work in you will…

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  • Argumentative Journey Essay

    INTRPRETATIVE Journey Grasping the Text in Their Town: The Book of Acts was written by Luke, this part of Acts takes place in Jerusalem after Jesus has ascended back into heaven and his promise of the appointed twelve the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The beginning takes place in Acts 6:1-3 where Peter and the other apostles are faced with a challenge within the Chrisitan community. "Now at this time while the disciples were increasing in number, a complaint arose on the part of the…

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  • Diligent Thinking In John Stott's Book, Your Mind Matters

    Stott’s book, Your Mind Matters, explains the importance of why Christians need to truly think. Based on scripture, he believes that diligent thinking is a necessary part of a Christian’s life in at least six areas, worship, faith, holiness, guides, evangelism, and ministry. Stott felt need to write about how their mind actually matters and is critical to a Christian’s calling because “…the pressures against using the mind carefully, honestly, and faithfully as an essential aspect of the…

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  • Understanding My Calling Essay

    As I was sitting in class one day, my professor prepared to ask us a question. I centered all my theological knowledge into one area of my brain, and was ready to analyze whatever came through. I was ready. He asked, “Can God cut down a tree with a floppy fish?” Completely flabbergasted, I was unaware of what to say or think, except that God could do anything he wished, so yes. Then he said, “But wouldn’t it be so much easier with a sword.” It then occurred to me that I was the floppy fish.…

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  • The Children Of God Analysis

    The Children of God, a new religious movement by David Berg serves to manifest the idea of the “Law of Love.” Conserving the ideas of “flirty-fishing” and evangelism, the role of gender and sexuality is highly interpreted within the Children of God. In specific, gender and sexuality is highly targeted towards females within new religious movements (NRMs). To begin, gender plays a role in new religious movements, where women become subordinated in a hierarchy, lower than men, while they…

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  • Christianity In The 17th Century

    nations, the Dutch, the Danes, and the English succeeded in colonial expansion. Andrea Strubind in a staff research paper on “Reformation Identities” rightly said that The discovery and conquest of the new worlds did not remain unknown to Luther, but they did not provoke him to any theological response. Not only Lutheranism, but all of Protestantism, remained aloof from the world missionary zealotry throughout the 16th century. Within Lutheranism, the rejection of the targeted missions until…

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  • The Importance Of Successful Marriage

    Arminianism (free will), Evangelical vs. Charismatic, large churches vs. small churches, amount of structure and repetition within and between weeks in worship service, amount of church services attended a week, the importance of Evangelism in practice (not theory), how Evangelism is done, open communion vs. closed communion, baptism by immersion vs. baptism by sprinkling vs. baptism by pouring… and the list goes on” (Eric). Marrying outside of your sect you often have to choose what religion…

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