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  • Personal Narrative: My Life As A Christian Education

    In my youth, I was reared in Lutheran home and was attended a Christian school until the eighth grade. It was stable home life and completely constructed upon the foundation of Jesus Christ. Both of my parents frequently reminded me to always look for positive potential in every person. I believe the Christian education through the church and mission work will ensure my complete effectiveness as a Christian counselor. During the ages of twenty through thirty-six, I went through a…

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  • Essay About Mission Trip

    Hello Everyone I hope everyone is doing well. Sorry I haven 't caught up with you all fully about how My missions trip this summer went. God moved in all aspects through the preparation and the trip. If you all don 't know how ORU missions work the process of being place in a specific country 1st we signed up and give our top 5 choices for our countries. Then 2-3 we find out what team we are placed in. Many times the students get place in their 1 st choice but some people don 't. I asked the…

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  • Spiritual Prayer

    they also have needs to grow healthy in spiritual. Indeed, youth need spiritual growth. There are many aspects of spiritual growth training. Whitney (2014) states, “Spiritual Disciplines are commended in Scripture: Bible intake, prayer, worship, evangelism, service, stewardship, fasting, silence and solitude, journaling, and learning.” (p. 7) Prayer Prayer is the spiritual breath. It is spiritual connection to God. However, most of the youth does not have any sense to pray to God, either to have…

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  • American Imperialism Dbq

    In the words of President McKinley the motivation for imperialism was national glory, commerence, racial superiority, and evangelism. To spread imperial expansion the United States sent missionaries to expose nations or territories to the empire and Christianity through educational and religious interaction. The missionaries also helped in different ways. For instance, in Hawaii…

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  • Spiritual Warfare Book Report

    Putting on the Armor; Equipped and Deployed for Spiritual Warfare, by Chuck Lawless Nashville: Adult Ministry Publishing, 2013. 159 pages. Reflection by Mitchell L. Thurston “…his goal [Dr. Lawless] as dean is “to produce what I call ‘discipled warriors, ‘who march into battle wearing the full armor of God.” (Lawless 2013) From the “Meet the Author” section, Dr. Lawless presents a clear narrative for the purpose of his book on the topic of Spiritual Warfare which provides the overarching…

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  • Contextual Youth Ministry Essay

    3.2. Dean Borgman - Contextual youth ministry Dean Borgman, youth ministry professor at Gordon-Conwell Seminary, was to America what Pete Ward was to the UK during the 1990s. His take on the incarnational approach influenced a wide range of youth ministry. He summarises his view in this way, As leaders committed to youth ministry, we may read the command of our Lord in this way: “You are receiving power from the Holy Spirit to be witnesses of me in all the youth cultures of the world”’ (Borgman…

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  • Apple Marketing Dilemma Essay

    Q1: Identify and explain the marketing dilemma faced in the text. Apply and discuss key concepts in the focusing on at least 3 concepts or variables impacting the decision. • Competition: Despite the fact that Apple is one of the top best products, there are other products that still strive to compete with Apple. Products like Toshiba, Dell, and Acer for computers. For Smart phones, some of the competitors include HTC, Samsung, and many more. One of the strongest competitors Apple has is Google…

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  • Discipleship In American Culture

    The Church in American culture is in a state of rapid decline. This is true for mainline denominations as well as evangelicals. Lutherans are no exception. Membership is declining and the decline in worship attendance is a steeper descent. The loss is magnified when compared to the population growth within the United States. Financial support for congregations and their ministries is also declining proportionately. “One of the fastest growing subcultures in the United States is comprised…

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  • Second Persecution Essay

    The second persecution was from 1898 to 1935 in relation to evangelism work started at Boojjii Karkarroo (western Oromiya Region) in 1898. Rev. Gebre Ewostateos from the Orthodox Church learned Afan Oromo from Onesimos in Eritrea. Since he had been a priest of the Orthodox Church, he was conducting the worship service on Sundays and holidays at Bojjii St. Mary’s Orthodox Church. During the worship service, he served the Orthodox priests who came from Gojjam in Amharic language and the local…

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  • Can Man Live Without God Summary

    From 1981 to 1984, Zacharias was holding the chair in Evangelism and Contemporary Thought at Alliance Theological Seminary. Chuck Colson, who is an Evangelical Christian leader, considers Zacharias to be “the great apologist of our time.” Zacharias opens up with a personal story about his life struggles and…

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