Absolutism And Religion Essay

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Christianity is one of the largest religions in the world. Many view religion as a relationship with God to handle life. Evangelical and Catholicism are sections of Christianity that have similar views but differ in many ways. Furthermore, by comparing these religious service and using Marx’s conflict theory it will help understand how religion plays its role in shaping cultures in society. The religious services of each religion will give an insight how their holy place has a role on its beliefs.
Architecture plays a major role in representing the example a church wants to set. It sets the foundation of what will become the sacred place of prayer. The settings of a Catholic church differ from that of a protestant church. For example, one of the first noticeable differences is the remarkable stained glass apparent in the Catholic church. The Catholic church has always been known for its artistry of design, there are many pillars and arches with engraved wood. The inequality between the sacred ground and the regular people is more evident. More effort goes into decorating the Church as a place of worship, the followers accept the church is dominant over them. On the other hand, many modern Evangelical churches have been stripped down from
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The Catholic church believes the church was founded by Jesus Christ himself, giving authority to St. Peter. There is a hierarchy within the church and the church is sacred holy ground. Their sacred rituals include a mass and the priest vows to celibacy. Evangelism includes nondenominational beliefs of Christianity. They believe in four core ideas of conversionism, activism, Biblicism, and crucicentrism. One notable differences are Catholicism holds the church and the Bible as the highest power while Evangelism holds the bible as the highest authority. The Catholicism is more structured and the Evangelical clergymen don’t swear to celibacy and are often

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