Freud And Freud's Influence Of Religion On Society

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Register to read the introduction… The very progression of ideas mirrors and prompts the progression of religious development throughout the world. Freud seems to be the laggard of the group in retrospect. Freud’s stance on religion almost seems to be a defiant regression instead of the huge advance he purports. The evaluation of any religious theories needs to encompass the history of the theorist. The diverse backgrounds shed much light on the theories that they eventually develop. I think it is totally relevant to know that a religious theorist’s family experienced religious persecution, or that another grew up with religious practices followed in convenience. Acknowledging the vastly differing backgrounds that lead to the theories presented allows us to consider the merits of each and in collusion with realistic consideration. By taking these aspects into consideration and applying them to my current opinion about religion, I found several new aspects to consider. First I will give my definition of religion; then I will explain what I feel the significance …show more content…
I must preface this section with the acknowledgement that my personal experience with various religious practices is fairly American, with some variety thrown in due to recent immigration. Even so, in America alone the practice of religion has great variety on the some main themes. I agree with the theorists that religion as a practice does seem to follow the direction of social support and convenience. I see some evidence for Marx’s socialist proposals to apply to religion as well. The elite make the decisions for the weaker members of the religion, and then when persecution from within the organization becomes great, there is a violent eruption and a new branch grows, separates, or completely dominates the original practice. One of the most common events in religious history is war. There have been many fortunes made in the service of the church, and much opposition thwarted in the name of God, so maybe Marx just had the wrong social

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