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  • The Early Christian Church

    and religious environments. The church provided an essential biblical model of multiplication and reproduction. The biblical model of the church instituted by God expressed that a healthy church must encompass the practices of both evangelism and discipleship. Evangelism is the real business of life and that is getting souls saved , while discipleship helps to create other disciples. The cycle continues as people receive salvation, grow spiritually, mature, and go and make disciples. This…

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  • Overview Of Go Ye Means Go Me By Ivan Stewart

    Ivan Stewart published his book: Go Ye Means Go Me, in 1974. While being dated, it does reveal important concepts about evangelism. Having survived the bombing at Pearl Harbor in 1941, he returned to America and was converted to Christianity. All Christians are called to go and preach. While being a lengthy book, Stewart is often frank and to the point. He often uses scripture to put the nail in the coffin. For example, through his first and second chapters, he mentions that "going" and…

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  • Essay On Wk2 Ministry Practice

    Wk2 Ministry Practice Paper The three topics that I have chosen to formulate an MAP (Ministry Action Plan) for future ministry are Effective Evangelism, Planning of Worship Services, and Visitation and the Ministry. The evangelism ministry base its purpose on the Word found in Pro. 11:30 (KJV) “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise”. The ministry views its goals as actions to facilitate learning and practices of discipleship. Jesus Christ is our primary…

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  • A Kantian Society Vs. Utilitarian Society

    result is more important than how you came about it. A christian society should be based more so on Kantian ethics then utilitarianism based on the precise thought that motivation is more important than consequence. As a christian I am called to evangelism, to bringing other people into the light and teachings of Christ with the love and compassion of Christ. In order to evangelize and be a true light in the world, it is important for a christian to truly…

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  • Billy Graham Research Paper

    met his future with Ruth Bell. They married in 1943. Billy Graham was the pastor of the First Baptist Church of Western Springs, Illinois for a short time before he began his career as an evangelist. Billy Graham was an influential American in his evangelism, relationships with presidents, and involvement in civil rights. During his short time as a pastor Graham got an opportunity to take over a Christian radio show named Songs in the Night in 1944. However, a year later in 1945 he chose to…

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  • Mentorship Model

    In forming a junior production model that allows adolescents the opportunity to learn about production in creative and encouraging methods. This model gives expert leaders the opportunity to guide young adolescents to grow in their faith, family and school. The mentor assists guiding and encouraging the mentee in a production specific area to gain knowledge, improve their communication, while following up with their parents four times a year about the student’s home and school academic…

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  • Mission Trip To China Book Report

    My second hometown, Fuzhou, was one of the five “treaty ports” in the 1842’s Treaty of Nanjing signed between China and the United Kingdom. British merchandise flooded into China through these five ports, Qing dynasty’s seclusion policy which functioned as the national defense system was forced to collapse. In the meantime, missionaries also came to China and built churches, hospitals and schools. My home church in Fuzhou was built in this time (1856) by Rev. Robert Samuel Maclay and other…

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  • What Was Jesus's Purpose

    like manner, it was the Spirit that managed and fed the changed life of a pupil as he kept on growing in information and grace. By the same means it was confidently the Spirit of God that empowered one to stand on the redemptive mission of evangelism. Evangelism is the word of the Spirit; all the understudies were asked to do was to let the Spirit have complete charge of their lives. The way that these men were of the regular parcel of humankind was no impediment whatsoever.…

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  • N. T. Wright Character Analysis

    Christian virtuous life. In addition, I also enjoyed the fact that Wright recognizes that evangelism is the center point of living a Christian virtuous life. He gives a good example and definition as to what he believes evangelism is: persuading others to trust Jesus and proclaiming Jesus. However, I think it would have been great if his story was just a little bit longer in order for me to read on about how evangelism shapes Christians into God’s missionary…

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  • Essay On Bi-Vocational Missionary

    Working in the city is not out of the question however. It simply requires a different set of skills. If a bi-vocational missionary were interested in working in a city he or she would need a technical skill. Some of these technical skills include medical training, technology, business, education, and social work. For example nurses are always needed and what better way to share the gospel than by healing the sick. Many technology and business firms often have branches in foreign countries that…

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