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  • Fool's Talk Analysis

    recovering the art of Christian persuasion. Downers Grove, Illinois: InterVarsity Press, 2015. Os Guinness’ Fool’s Talk has many strengths as a modern-day guide for apologists and evangelists. He focuses on the New Testament model of persuasive evangelism and the urgent need of the global church to utilize this model. This in-depth discussion of the art of persuasion is both his biggest strength and his biggest weakness. In regards to the strengths, Guinness does an excellent job of presenting…

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  • Deborah Dean's Strategic Writing Analysis

    In chapter four of Strategic Writing, Deborah Dean stresses the importance of writers taking into mind the perspective of the audience (84). Understanding audience will help writers better understand the context they need to write in(Dean, 84). To convince others that our perspective is valid, we need to analyze the intended audience and whoever might read our writing (Dean, 84). Dean uses the quote, “Every form of writing is working to persuade other people to see the world as the writer…

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  • Mission Proposal

    the church must be careful when doing evangelism. As Mark Denver declares, “the way we do evangelism will inform the way our hearers understand the gospel. The way our hearers understand the gospel will inform the way they live the gospel.” If the church makes it seem like life becomes easier as a Christian or that believers always get what they want, it will lead those people converted in that evangelism believe that (reword this section). This evangelism in many ways will be the foundations…

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  • The Impact Church Social Media Ministry

    After much thought and consideration of the last couple of months I created training that would directly address the social media outreach team understands of evangelism and social media. Moreover how the two and fused together can be used as a tool for ministry. I immersed myself in scholarly and practical books associated with evangelism, mission, and social media such as missiologist Lesslie Newbiggin, practical theologian Richard Osmer, and social media gospel expert Meredith Gould. Meeting…

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  • The Powerful Covenant's The Algiers Covenant

    The Lausanne Covenant Review The Lausanne Covenant author starts of by telling the reader their beliefs. They believe that God’s good news for the whole world is the Gospel. More than 150 nations were involved in the International Congress of World Evangelization. They proclaim that they are “deeply stirred by what God is doing in our day, moved to penitence by our failures and challenged by the unfinished task of evangelization”. By reading the introduction of The Lausanne Covenant you notice…

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  • Jehovah Witness Origin

    the water completely and it is seen as a devotion to God. Following baptism, it is expected to attend Kingdom Hall meetings and evangelism regularly. (Evangelism: the spreading of the Christian gospel by public preaching, Kingdom Hall meetings are held weekly and are intended to worship and learn about…

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  • Summary Of Stan Telchin's 'Abandoned'

    Where does the Jew go once they have accepted Yeshua? Church or synagogue? There seems to be quite a variety of opinions on this topic. While Telchin remains faithful to the viability of the church as an instrument of evangelism, he does acknowledge how some Jews feel more comfortable in the synagogue environment. The letter from Lorie that he references says it the best when she relays that, “I don’t have to worry about well-meaning Gentile believers trying to mold me…

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  • Filipino American Imperialism

    Evangelism is step that was taken in the Philippines to help establish America’s imperialism. The process of evangelism took off by a statement given by President McKinley. He made the people of the US believe it was America’s duty to do this by saying, “God has chosen the US to do it, to Christianize the country…properly…

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  • Strauch's Agape Leadership

    In Strauch’s biography “Agape Leadership”, we learn about the life of R.C. Chapman, a well-respected man who held a reputation for Christlike love and deep-rooted faith. As a result of the way he exhibited Christ, Chapman influenced hundreds of people for the gospel and thousands of people respected and admired him. Strauch describes Chapman’s method of Christian education perfectly within the title of his book: “agape”. Agape is a word that the early Christian’s created to describe the type of…

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  • Donald S. Whitney's Spiritual Discipline Of The Christian Life

    Spiritual disciplines are something that take a lot of work, they are things that don’t always come easy, and they often require practice to develop. As a believer, it is easy to just assume the role of a mediocre Christian who often overlooks spiritual growth, thinking that going to church every Sunday is enough to effectively grow in ones walk with Christ. Through study, it becomes obvious that Sunday Christianity is not enough, it takes work as a Christian to truly change and grow, and to…

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