Mission Proposal

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These is a good chance that the first-time guest is either going from church to church or does not have church as a top priority in their life. Therefore, it is important that guest services gets the guest’s information. The objective is to use the guest’s information to send them an email or to call them on Wednesday or Thursday. The goal of this call is to show them you (Who is you?) care, remind them about the church, and let them know about upcoming events that the church is holding. Hopefully, they will come to another service. If they do, the chance of them continuing to come back on a regular basis goes way up. Beyond this, a second-time guest ministry is something that is uncommon in the church, but shows the visitor or potential …show more content…
As discussed above, the church could have either never met this first-time guest before they arrived or the person could have been connected to the church through an out-reach event. Attraction churches tend to use the church service as an opportunity to present the gospel. However, missional churches usually share what Jesus did for the world during different events in the community. Since the church with the above mission statement is more missional, the topic will be handled from that perspective. However, the church must be careful when doing evangelism. As Mark Denver declares, “the way we do evangelism will inform the way our hearers understand the gospel. The way our hearers understand the gospel will inform the way they live the gospel.” If the church makes it seem like life becomes easier as a Christian or that believers always get what they want, it will lead those people converted in that evangelism believe that (reword this section). This evangelism in many ways will be the foundations (foundation) to these people’s faith. As they later minister to others, they will think back to how it was done with …show more content…
This churches goal, as stated above, is to proclaim Jesus to all nations and exalt God. A major way this church will do it is throughout events in the community. The church is driven to do these events because of the great love that God has showed them and it is an aspect (word choice) where they can reciprocate this love. Missional churches know there is a better chance of people coming to church if they first come to the community. Also, the church is drawn to do this because they understand if someone does not accept the gospel, they are going to hell. Plus, they know the only way for them to have a relationship with Jesus is if they first hear about him. There are a variety of different events that could be done to reach the desired community. The church could go to a local member’s house and hold a cookout. In this scenario, the gospel would not be shared in a formal manner. However, if someone in the neighborhood got talking (too conversational) to a member of the church the gospel may be presented in that. The cookout would be used more to build relationships with the people around the community and draw them to church where they could hear the gospel. The church could also do a sports camp for the kids and teenagers in the community. This event would be easier to have a formal presentation of the gospel. At the beginning of the camp the kids could be split between younger

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