Reflection On Francine's Church

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Last Sunday, I attend my friend’s Francine church service generally speaking going to church is something that has been installed in me, throughout my upbringing being that, I am a Baptist Christian, but I decided to take a cultural plunge and experience another domination of Christianity. Francine’s Church is called The Evening of the Light and is considered a Protestant church. Prior to attending the service, I was shocked when Francine instructed me to wear a long skirt or dress that went pass my knees and not to wear any make- up. This was so odd to me because at my church there were no dress codes and the members typically wore formal attire on the first Sunday of the month because we took communion and there definitely wasn’t any restriction …show more content…
While I was signing the songs I couldn’t help but notice the difference in style compared to my church. At the Evening of the Light church, the tempos of the songs were a lot slower and the choir dragged out the words to the songs. At my church the choir sings modern gospel music which is more up to beat , but this didn’t really bother me because I knew that the common denominator was giving the lord praise he deserved and he didn’t care about how the music was arranged or being performed. Next it was time for the pastor to preach his sermon that was entitled “Lean not unto Thine own Understanding Part 5”. What I took from his message is that there is a spiritual drought going on in society and churches are practicing the word of God less, therefore we as individuals need to develop our own personal relationship with God and read his Word for ourselves, in order, to fully understand the power of the Lord. This hit home to me because it made me self- reflect and think about how I can improve my relationship with the God. Subsequent to that beautiful sermon, the Pastor devoted prayer time for the members. Then lastly, it was time for the offering and a fancy gold bowl was passed to each member, so they can place their tithe in

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