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  • My Goals And Reasons For Application To The University Of Waterloo

    lives. I have always been deeply fascinated by chemistry and mathematics, and I am highly motivated to achieve my goals in these fields. Thus, I recognize that by studying at the University of Waterloo, a university that offers the most illustrious engineering and mathematics programs in the country, it will fulfill my desire for knowledge and develop a solid…

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  • Ethics In Engineering Case Study Essay

    Regardless of the field of study, a challenging set of problems to solve is often related to ethics. Engineering is no exception. One specific scenario pertaining to ethics in engineering is about Rob, the manager of an electronic chip production firm, and his respectable coworker named Shane, the lead engineer of his production line. Shane’s team manufacturers and tests 100,000 chips yearly to assemble their final product involving prongs and spot plates. Unfortunately, certain chips are…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career As An Architect

    Are you a problem solver with plenty of creativity and a desire to take your ideas and turn them into buildings and spaces? Are you good at using the left and right side of your brain and enjoy solving problems and conquering challenges? As an architect you will be able to put your creative ideas down on paper and then turn those drawings into reality. It is a challenging, but immensely rewarding profession and few things can compare to the feeling of seeing your ideas turned into something…

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  • Fly By Wire Summary

    Name University Course Instructor Date of Submission Book Review: “Fly by Wire” by William Langewiesche I. Book Summary Fly by Wire is an impressive, must-read master piece written by William Langewiesche. In his book, William Langewiesche humorously examines the changing landscape of today’s aviation industry. The book artfully and clearly renders the rich history of civil aviation and explores recent developments in technology, aviation unions, and financial challenges facing the…

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  • Digital Architecture Graduation Studio

    General introduction The whole graduation process took place in the Digital Architecture graduation studio. A unique studio compared with the others. Not only the traditional architectural profession is considered, but also the connection of architecture, modern technologies and the modern citizen. The main goal of the studio is to push the boundaries of advanced architecture even further than only considering the connection between technology, people and architecture. By using techniques and…

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  • Obstacles: A Career As A World Class Engineering

    That first thing that comes to mind when I’m ask that question is someone “smart,” “solve problems,” or “a lot of math.” The truth is that engineering is all of that and more. To describe what an engineer does can be quite complicated because the field involves many areas. You can have mechanical, chemical, biomedical, electrical, and many others. Even if engineering is such a broad field, all these areas have something in common, solve problems. Engineers are those that use science and…

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  • Importance Of Virtues In Biomedical Engineering

    field for specific traits needed. The field of specialty for this paper is biomedical engineering.…

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  • Diesel Mechanic Skills

    What are the skills of a diesel mechanic? The basic skill for a diesel mechanics is the person has to have good leadership skills (“Diesel Guide” 2015). It is essential that those who wish to be in leadership in the mechanics should have a good leadership background. To be a good diesel mechanic you want to have at least two years schooling at a community college. Some of the skills that diesel mechanic should have experience in On-board computers, Batteries, Electrical networks, Ignition…

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  • Paleontology Research Paper

    Paleontology Paleontology help explore questions about extinctions and origins, changes in anatomy. The first fossil see by humankind was in 1676 it has a date of 3.5 billion years ago the first fossil found was in England it was thought that the bone belonged to a “ giant,” but was provided that the bone was from a dinosaur. A report of this finding was published by R. Brookes in 1763. Studying fossil is a great career but taking this study is important to our young history we now know what…

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  • John Swales: The Roles Of A Discourse Community

    conditions I might experience after graduation in my work as Chemical Engineer. Piyush Limbani is my cousin and is a Chemical Engineer working in his discourse community for over 3 years now. Piyush has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and is now in charge of designing and processing supply material something that I would be interested in doing. John Swales is well known linguist writer. Based on Swales’ “The Concept of Discourse Community”, a discourse community is…

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