Personal Goals For Computer Science

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“The path you take to achieve your goal is more important than the goal itself.”

To elaborate on the quote: what is more important is how you get there. Ever since my childhood, I had an inherent passion towards science and mathematics. I was a topper throughout my schooling. I had innovative ideas. I followed an organized of mode of study. My aim in life is to pursue MS in Computer Science in your esteemed university. I have been fascinated by computers since I first touched them in class 4. So, naturally I took up graduation in engineering in Computer Science.

I nuture high hopes of practical research in computer science and contribute to the computing field and society at large. In graduation 1st year, I was associated with a networking
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Most enjoyable of them all is being an active teaching volunteer of Kartavya, an NGO run by students from our college. We teach poor children from around the slums of our college. Therafter, enroll them into schools and take care of all their academic necessities like fees and stationery. We teach computers, martial arts, fine arts and help their parents find work by teaching them vocational …show more content…
I want have a clarity in life towards my career to excel in computer science engineering. A Master's program under your eminent alumni will put me on the “runway” to success. I am sure that I can learn the core concepts in computer science under their able guidance. Your university boasts of worldclass facilities. The ecological classrooms, blissful surroundings in your campus is mind blowing. The pictures that I saw on your well designed website is a testimony to it. Even my friends and peers suggested that I should get enrolled here. They emphasized that all my career dreams will be met here to my desired expectations. Subjects like Algorithms, Data Structures, Operations systems and Cryptography are given great importance in both theory and practical teaching. I want to utilize the facilities in your university and pursue my research

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