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  • Robert Hooke: Cell Biologist

    around today.Robert Hooke’s main 2 discoveries were the force of springs and microscopes. Hooke was an english philosopher, architect, and polymath. He discovered the cell walls using microscopes. His discoveries has really helped the world today and will continue to help the future. Body Paragraph 1: This paragraph will be about your Cell Biologist’s personal life, and life as a scientist. Robert Hooke was an english philosopher,architect, and polymath .He was born in england on July 28…

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  • Movie Analysis: 23 Chromosome

    This film explains how all humans are created. There are around 365,000 new babies made around the world everyday. Our bodies natural instinct is to make babies. It is what we were made to do. Even when we aren't doing the"physical" part of it, our bodies are still creating eggs and sperm to get us ready to try to reproduce. Our bodies are made up of DNA. DNA is made up of chromosomes. We get 23 chromosomes from our dad and 23 chromosomes from our mom. We are made up of 46 chromosomes to make…

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  • Prokaryotes Vs Eukaryotes Essay

    Some cells are uncomplicated, but others are complex with internal structures called organelles. These cells can be put into two categories which are the prokaryotes and the eukaryotes, and they have many differences and similarities. The prokaryotes derive from prokaryotic cells whose fossils have been in existence for over 3.8 billion years, which mean they have learned to adjust to the earth’s environments more than any other life form. Prokaryotes are the bacteria and their close relatives,…

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  • Like The Stone By Susan Griffin Summary

    essay, I will describe how Griffin blend cellular biology and weaponry to explain the lives of her subjects and their actions later in life. According to Griffin the nucleus of a cell origin and its significance is the beginning or the core that shape our lives. “Like the stone in a cherry, it is found in the center of the cell, and like this stone keeps its precious kernel in a shell” (p. 404). What Role of RNA and DNA in future life events?…

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  • Similarities Between Richard Hays And Ronald Green

    Richard Hays and Ronald Green differs in many ways. Richard only passingly mentioned the benefits of Genomic Science and put more emphasis and provided more examples of the risks. He use words and sentences that appeals to our fear. He is concern of human’s inability to stop pushing the line. “Once we begin genetically modifying our children, where do we stop? If it's acceptable to modify one gene, why not two, or 20 or 200? At what point do children become artifacts designed to someone's…

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  • Muscle-Eye-Brain Disease Research Paper

    Muscle-Eye-Brain Disease Muscle-Eye-Brain Disease, also known as “MEB” and “Congenital Muscular Dystrophy.” Muscle-Eye-Brain Disease is a rare disease, discovered in 1977, in Finland, but it's unknown who discovered the disease. Finland has the largest number of Muscle-Eye-Brain disease patience and is rare in many other countries. Muscle-Eye-Brain Disease is an inherited condition, form of muscle weakness is present or develops after birth. The infant then feels floppy in the muscles also in…

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  • Epigenetic Synthesis

    Epigenetics is the modification of the genome to regulate gene expression. This process is achieved through a variety of different mechanisms including but not limited to, chromatin condensation, acetylation modification, and methylation modification. Gene expression can also be altered through a number of non-epigenetic mechanisms, such as environmental factors, like temperature, and the introduction of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) into the environment. The level of chromatin…

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  • Three Parent Child

    mildly affected kids living with minor tweaks in their DNA. With mitochondrial mutations and diseases documented as early as 1988, our concerns for future advancements have raised eyebrows amongst the human race. Mitochondria lay within our cells right next to our…

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  • Egg Lab Report On Egg Osmosis

    The egg is an example of an animal cell that is placed in environments of different tonicity. The vinegar was used to dissolve the shell so that we can see the effects when we placed the egg either in a hypertonic or hypotonic solution. Since the egg membrane is semipermeable similar to the cell membrane, it only allows specific substances to pass in and out of the egg membrane down its concentration gradient. In this case, we are trying to measure to the diffusion of water that goes in and out…

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  • Micropipettes Lab Report

    David Daige Biol 1030H Due Date: April 1, 2016 Professor Laura Pacey Lab Report 5: Molecular Biology Techniques Abstarct The aim of this study is to accurately measure small volumes using the micropipettes and to use virtual STR and PCR programs to test the paternity of various cases. During the lab, 18uL of different volumes were successfully measured into a tubule using the micropipette. During the lab, fruit juice was accurately extracted from a solution using…

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