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  • Extreme Environment Analysis

    It is well known that all organisms require at least some water to survive, even the most hardy creature on the planet earth, the tardigrade, Hypsibius dujardini, which can survive near complete dehydration, exposure to extreme radiation, vacuum, temperature and pressure, must be rejuvenated with water if it is to resume life after near complete desiccation (Gabriel, et al. 2007). H. dujardini, famous for surviving some of the harshest conditions of any organism we know of, is a perfect example…

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  • Prehistoric Autopsy Report

    Researchers only had 40% of Lucy’s skeleton so they used comparison and inferring as a technique to reconstruct Lucy. While putting together Lucy’s skeleton, researchers found out that she was very small and an adult. They decided to use a modern human skeleton to infer some of the missing pieces. The team filled in some of the missing parts using other fossils and making a physical model of the skeleton which they would use as a basis of the reconstruction (Prehistoric Autopsy video). Professor…

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  • Dna Synthesis

    daughter strands of DNA have been produced, it is time to proofread and repair the DNA sequence. This process is so important because any mistake in DNA replication can result to DNA mutation and will lead to various genetic diseases such as sickle cell anaemia, Huntington’s disease and many more (Cooper, 2000). Thus, the accuracy of DNA replication cannot be attributed solely to the specificity of the base pairing. According to Khan Academy (2017), to avert the mistake from happening, an enzyme…

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  • Oshenite Raw Materials

    MICROBIAL CONTROLLING PERFORMANCE MINERAL a. Raw Material: What are the raw materials that make up the material? How are the raw materials extracted? Oshenite is produced from a renewable marine mineral called “oolitic aragonite”, a form of calcium carbonate sustainably harvested from sea beds in the Bahamas, 65 miles off the Florida coast. “Oolitic aragonite” is from microscopic bio matter such as plankton and algae. It is sourced from a region of the Bahamas basin, 65 miles off the Florida…

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  • Edward Jenner: The World Of Microbiology

    The world of microbiology is a vast one. In theory, microbiology is the study of single celled micro organisms and viruses, that work independently of each other. These microbial cells are the backbone and fundamental unit of life. Most of the biomass present on earth today is microbial, with almost 5.3x10^30 cells present, mostly in terrestrial and oceanic subsurfaces. Within these subsurfaces, many microbial communities exist, with especially specific types of bacteria having important niches…

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  • Bacterial Capsule Lab Report

    bacteria able to produce capsule can kill a mice, where as suspension of rough colonies of bacteria devoid of capsule caused no mortality. Slime is an extracellular polymer loosely attached to the cell wall which can be easily washed off where as capsule is a compact, thick and gelatinous structure adhered to cell which is made of glycocalyx polysaccharide, glycopeptides etc.,. Capsules are usually polysaccharide in nature, may be homo/mono polymer of (glucans, dextrans, levans) or…

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  • CRISPR: Changing The World In The Future

    First, I would like to say that the topic I chose is very interesting and in fact I really like this topic. Before choosing my topic I had rough idea about what CRISPR was and how it was being used in recent times to engineer everything around us by small steps. Before my research findings I had an idea what CRISPR was such as how it was being used around the world on modifying genes, and engineering new species by deleting or replacing the genes that were unwanted by that organism. What I knew…

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  • How Dead Bacteria Return To Life Analysis

    possible. The people working in these findings are international researchers working with Professor Karl Forchhammer and Alexander Klotz at University of Tübingen 's Interfaculty Institute of Microbiology and Infection Medicine. It is stated that the cells stop photosynthesis and begin to reserve their energy. In addition, it is stated that protein-synthesizing mechanisms take in nitrogen and after 48 hours, begin to grow and divide. In addition, it is stated in the article that being able to…

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  • Sexual Reproduction Research Paper

    reproduction in which two different cells combine, which create an offspring. When two cells called the egg for female, and sperm for male, combine and join together they create a new organism called a zygote. During meiosis, one diploid cell divides and makes four haploid sex cells. Meiosis has two divisions of the cytoplasm and the nucleus, the divisions are called Meiosis I and Meiosis II. Reproductive cells go through interphase before meiosis. “ A reproductive cell goes through interphase…

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  • Summary Of Matt Ridley's Immortality

    In the chapter titled, “Immortality,” Matt Ridley discusses the idea of the immortal cell theory. He presents some case studies as well as his own speculations. To began, he explains how the origin of the first cell is still alive in us today and although this is true it does not mean our species will live forever. The function of our life and all life is to reproduce but to get to that we have over came many challenges. On Chromosome 14, the presence of the TEP1 gene seems to be the source of…

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