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  • Sexual Reproduction Research Paper

    reproduction in which two different cells combine, which create an offspring. When two cells called the egg for female, and sperm for male, combine and join together they create a new organism called a zygote. During meiosis, one diploid cell divides and makes four haploid sex cells. Meiosis has two divisions of the cytoplasm and the nucleus, the divisions are called Meiosis I and Meiosis II. Reproductive cells go through interphase before meiosis. “ A reproductive cell goes through interphase…

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  • Summary Of Matt Ridley's Immortality

    In the chapter titled, “Immortality,” Matt Ridley discusses the idea of the immortal cell theory. He presents some case studies as well as his own speculations. To began, he explains how the origin of the first cell is still alive in us today and although this is true it does not mean our species will live forever. The function of our life and all life is to reproduce but to get to that we have over came many challenges. On Chromosome 14, the presence of the TEP1 gene seems to be the source of…

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  • Wifi Addiction

    Wi-Fi. They explained the magnetic field is associated with free-radical production. Consequently, free radicals cause damage to cell, cellular structures and molecules such as lips and proteins. Free radicals promote lipid peroxidation by interacting with polyunsaturated fatty acids in the cell membranes. They noted that the damage may occur at the membrane level causing cell death and immortality. Damage can also occur at the DNA level, causing DNA fragmentation. Avendano, Mata, Sarmiento, and…

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  • Cell Migration Lab Report

    migration of cells in all three cells. Cell migration is the movement of cell from one area to another, in response to a chemical signal. The chemical signal is the central to achieving functions; cell differentiation, wound repair, embryotic development and the metastasis of tumors. There is an attraction between the cell and the outer membrane in order for the movement to occur. When participating in the experiment, the cell culture medium was placed in a well the cell serum was added. The…

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  • Metabolism Research Paper

    into protoplasm which follows digestion and absorption within animals. Metabolism consists of the chemical reactions that sustain a living state of your cells and organism in your body. Metabolism is the source of energy and balance in your body. (Central, C. 2017).Metabolism is all chemical reactions involved in preserving the living state of the cells and the organism. It is linked closely to nutrition and the availability of nutrients. The formation of energy is one of the vibrant components…

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  • Similarities Between Dna And Macroevolution

    consists of 2 complementary strands in a helical structure where each strand serves as an informational template for the offspring during duplication (Rafael, 2010). An organism is made up of a vast collection of cells where each cell originates from a parent cell (Rafael, 2010). The cells require a way in which they can transfer and copy their genetic information efficiently (Bagley, 2013). The organism…

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  • Cationic Surfactant Essay

    2. Synthetic surfactants used in pharmaceuticals and their properties. 2.1 Classification of surface active agents. The widely used synthethic surfactants in pharmaceuticals are classifieds as according on their surface charges. 1.Anionic surfactants:sodium alkyl sulfonates .SDS,SLS. 2.Cationic surfactants:Quaternary ammonium chlorides (quats),pyridinium salts . 3.Zwetterionic (amphoteric) surfactants:phospholipids- Phosphatidylcholine (Lecithin). 4.Nonionic surfactants: spans( esters of…

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  • Animal Cell Structure

    will be focusing mainly on the base level of cells, and those of an animal. Within all organisms we find cells, they form the life blood of their being. Cells contain the blue prints for all life forms known as D.N.A. Cellular structure While complex, cellular structures can also be relatively simplistic in design. Each component of the cell plays a vital role, working together in harmony to provide life. Initially we must look at the cell membrane. The cell membrane is made up of a maliable…

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  • Essay Against Genetic Testing

    Genetic testing is a medical test that examines DNA, identifying any changes in it. The results obtained can determine if a person has or can pass on a genetic disorder or confirm any suspected genetic condition. However, a positive result doesn’t guarantee you would develop a disease even if you are a healthy individual. In return, a negative result doesn’t guarantee you possess a specific disorder. There are different types of genetic testing like diagnostic testing and prenatal testing just…

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  • Lens Fiber Differentiation Experiment

    Differentiation and its effects on certain organelles. This writing exercise analyzes two separate but related scientific articles, “The fate of the Golgi Apparatus and the Endoplasmic reticulum During Lens Fiber Cell Differentiation” and “Coincident Loss of Mitochondria and Nuclei During Lens Fiber Cell Differentiation” both which analyze and study Lens Fiber Differentiation. The writing assignment will be based on four sections:(1) Background of the research (2) Methods used to…

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