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  • Embryonic Stem Cell Research Debate

    Embryonic stem cell research is an ongoing controversial topic that is still a major issue today. It is a subject that starts a debate every moment it is brought up. This topic will continue throughout time to be a controversial subject. There is one thing that will not change in this topic and it is the facts that go along with it. Each side has an argument that has information to back it up but there are important factors that will remain the same. Embryonic stem cell research is popular in…

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  • Should Genetic Engineering Be Allowed?

    an organism’s DNA in its genome using biotechnology. Genetic modification has been in practice for many years in the domestication of plants and animals, but despite its unprecedented progress, gene editing in humans, especially in embryonic stem cells, is one of the major controversies in health and science field nowadays. In the article from The Guardian, “Genetically modified human embryos should be allowed, expert group says”, it stated that genetic engineering should be permitted to…

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  • The Island Ethical Analysis

    Earliest research projects on cloning technology launched in late 20th century. With advancement of science, there was a breakthrough in 1998— a human embryo clone was created.(But then destroyed after 12 days.) This discovery indicates that the era which there is common usage in human clones will not be far away and it is something we all should be aware which the ethical issues should be well-addressed. While human clones have intelligence and physical properties that are identical to that of…

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  • Why Do Scientists Use Embryonic Stem Cells?

    stem cells in the early 1900s. During this discovery, the scientists discovered that some cells had the capability to turn into blood cells, a completely different type of cell. These specific types of cells were classified as stem cells. Stem cells are known as undifferentiated cells, which means they do not have a specific function yet. Stem cells, since undifferentiated, are capable of becoming a specific type of cell such as a blood cell or a muscle cell. Unlike other cells, stem cells are…

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  • TED Speech: Preventing The End Of The World

    In the TED speech Can we prevent the end of the world, the speaker Martin Rees expresses his worries and concerns on the future of human-beings. In his opinion, there is an urgent need for human-beings to prevent the destruction of the world since the biggest dangers leading to the end of world are the behaviors of human beings instead of natural disasters. To prevent the end of the world, he suggests research and human intervention is necessary to mitigate the existential risk of human…

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  • Human Gene Therapy Does Not Adhere To The Rules Of Natural Selection

    not have anything to do with producing more offspring’s. It is about transplanting normal genes to places where it is needed, to correct certain disorders or mutations. This process, while it may save millions of lives, when it involves embryonic cells, it kills the potential of life. Although, I agree that we are on a course to push the scales of science even…

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  • Broderick And Blewitt Analysis

    Blewitt text and the reading by Sylwester. Broderick and Blewitt open the chapter by explaining the intricate process of how the brain is formed and how it develops throughout gestation. Once the brain structure itself has formed in the womb, nerve cells called neurons begin to form (Broderick & Blewitt, 2010). The brain sends information to the rest of the body through neurotransmitters that are housed in terminals at the end of axons (Sylwester, 1995). Sylwester gave an interesting analogy…

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  • Morality Vs. Evolution On The Improvement Of Life

    Life: Embryonic Stem Cell Research In Beau Watts' essay "Embryonic Stem Cell Research: A Moral Evil or Obligation" (December 2011), the author claims that embryonic stem cells are the answer for humanity to have an overall better life. Watts, an emergency room physician in Kansas City, Missouri explains the complex properties of embryonic stems cells while also discussing the properties of other proponents for altering genes, such as embryonic germ cells, and adult stem cells. He highlights how…

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  • Graft In Frankenstein

    From stem cell research to cryonics to artificial organs, mankind has gained immense knowledge.Considering today's circumstances with research done, the possibility of Frankenstein's monster being successful is much more…

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  • Henrietta Lacks Pros And Cons

    When HeLa cells started to be sold, do you think Dr.Gey should have stepped in to assure that Henrietta Lacks’ family was compensated in some way? Do you think they should be compensated at all? Dr. Gey should have looked out for the Lacks family and let them know about the cells back in 1951. The lives of Henrietta’s children would have been greatly improved had they had that money. The Lacks family deserves compensation not only because Henrietta’s cells were taken without permission, but…

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