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  • Alief-Hays: Business Case Study

    It’s a dream for any aspiring or even professional filmmaker. This new building has all the facilities a professional studio has. On the same floor is the Center for Entrepreneurship where students can even participate in the HCC Newspring Business Plan Competition. The competition started nine years ago and has helped several students either start…

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  • Purpose Of Integration Analysis

    education. As argued by many academics, the defining of primary purposes of education requires dynamic flexibility between these conflicting perspectives and the plentiful opinions held by different people with different positions in society. Educational purposes can be divided into those that are individualistic and those that suit the goals of society. Dependency between such purposes is apparent with individual aims needing to be achieved in order for certain social aims to be accomplished…

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  • Three Key Concepts Of Learning Analysis

    the Three Key Concepts of learning in "Me and my computer": Emotional factors in online learning” by Reilly, J. R., Gallagher-Lepak, S., & Killion, C. The article by Reilly et al (2102) defines three concepts of learning that are involved with educational environments that involve computer technology and a virtual online classroom interaction for nurses. The first of these methods of learning involve the examination of “affective learning” as a major concept in the motive ways in which…

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  • Town Hall Meeting

    instead of focusing on learning in the classroom environment. To help teachers integrate technology more effectively into their teaching, professional development around educational technology should be a higher priority for schools and districts, and it needs to be ongoing and collaborative. Professional development on educational technology should focus on what students need to learn, rather than on how to use a specific device. I will create standards that will met the needs of every school…

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  • Temple Grandin's Ted Talk Temple Grandin

    Temple Grandin is an expert on animal behavior who designed human handling systems for half the cattle-processing facilities in the US, and consults with the meat industry to develop animal welfare guidelines. She was rewarded in 2004 by PETA. Time Magazine listed her as one of its most important people of the year due to her achievements of decreasing the amount of fear and pain that animals experience in their final hours. Grandin created a ted talk to spread autism awareness. In her ted…

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  • Gagne's Event Of Instruction

    Question 9: Regarding this question: • 2 students classified the class as somewhat interesting (16%). • 1 student was unsure of classification (8%) • 4 students classified the class as boring (33%) • 5 students classified the class as extremely boring (41%). Question 10, regarding class recommendation these were the results: • 2 students recommended the class (16 %). • 8 students did not recommend the class (66%). • 2 students were not sure about recommending the class or not. (16%). Survey…

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  • Education In Neil Postman's The End Of Education

    The implementation of educational technological systems by educators depends on the level of student demand, but its adoption would depend on factors such as current systems in place, existing culture and particularly the faculty’s ability. A lack of understanding about technology…

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  • The Importance Of Mobile Education In Distance Education

    Networking apps: Social Networking apps like facebook, twitter could be used to share information. 4. Wireless internet(3G/4G): Mobiles that have the facility for 3G/4G internet can play a great role in mobile…

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  • DBTI Case Study

    THE STUDY: The intention of this study is to explore the impact of paperless system on the academic performances of the students at Don Bosco Technological Institute in Papua New Guinea. This study attempts to answer the question below: Are the facilities provided in Don Bosco Technological Institute effectively assisting the paperless system in enhancing the students’ academic achievements and building confidence in their performances in the computer and its use in education curriculum?…

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  • Theories Of Student Involvement Theory

    Astin, A.W. (1999). Student involvement: a developmental theory for higher education. Journal of College Student Development, 40(5), 518-29 Astin (1984) proposed a developmental theory named Student Involvement Theory (SIT), which measured the amount of physical and psychological energy invested in collegiate life by students. This theory emphasized on student motivation and behaviors, contrasting the traditional pedagogy theory that focused on subject matter, learning resource, and…

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