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  • Values, Beliefs And Diversity

    stand for what they believe? The way educators make decisions, design educational programs and the way we conduct ourselves is really a reflection of the values and beliefs we hold. Therefore, having known our own values, beliefs and attitudes we are able to examine how we will undertake different situations that involve many cultures and diversity and then be able to better ourselves and create inclusive, diverse educational programs that…

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  • Importance Of MCAST Strategic Plan

    3)Create more inclusion to persons with special needs - Improve physical Access 4)Provide the best educational resources for all students Amongst the objectives in the strategic plan MCAST focuses on the importance of giving front-line services to students with special needs this goes in line with “A person with disability shall have access to a range of tools of support, community services and facilities including, but not limited to, personal assistants, technological equipment and mobility…

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  • INK Reflection Essay

    Introduction In this essay, I plan to document my experience volunteering at INK, the Interactive Neighborhood for Kids, and connect said experience to the ideas and concepts of Educational Psychology, specifically those covered in EDUC 2130. Some topics I will address include the practice of cooperative learning, play-based learning, and theories of development, both personally and socially. The Interactive Neighborhood for Kids I completed my field experience at the Interactive Neighborhood…

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  • Essay On Section 504

    with disabilities to become involved in organizations and the community. During the 2011-2012 school year, about 12.9 percent of school aged children were enrolled in special education services (website in email). As a student with a disability, educational rights of the student are protected in the United States by several federal and state laws. There are two primary laws, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Individuals with Disabilities…

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  • Engageny Curriculum Case Study

    State of New York (USNY), which is made up of seventeen unpaid State Legislatures and a commissioner of education who also services as the leader of the NYSED and president of the USNY. The USNY is an organized system that is committed to provide educational services such as or to: over 7,000 public and private K-12 schools, colleges and universities, libraries, museums, state archives, services for individuals with…

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  • The Importance Of Technology In Social Media

    new ICT tools for instance laptop, interactive whiteboard, LCD projector, Internet and social networks in educational settings, have a background in education. (Salehi & Salehi, 2011). One of the most widely discussed subjects in the area of education is the use of ICT in English…

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  • School Disability Case Study

    whether or not they can meet traditional curricular standards and should be full members of those classrooms" (DeMatthews, 2015). If properly applied, inclusive education benefits students with special needs, even benefit educators and staff in an educational…

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  • Artificial Intelligence And Personalized Learning

    chalkboards. As technology advances the use of tablets, virtual reality and virtual learning environment are gaining traction as these are a few tools of artificial intelligence that is used in primary education. We have been witnessing the rise of educational technology, particularly learning platforms such as Khan Academy. Artificial intelligence, AI, is the maturation of computer structures able to complete tasks that usually require human intellect, such as visual understanding, speech…

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  • Discrimination In Schools

    The tension between the past system of education which was based on racial inequality and segregation and the current/new national system for schools which is aiming to redress past injustices in educational provision, provide an education of progressively high quality for all learners and in so doing lay a strong foundation for the development of all our people`s talents and capabilities, advance the democratic transformation of society, combat racism and sexism and all other unfair…

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  • The Importance Of Inclusive Education

    inclusive education is enabling all children to learn and participate effectively within school systems. It means that students with special needs are provided with specialized education in age-appropriate regular classes according to their special educational needs (Forman, 2002). Inclusive education is all about welcoming all children, without discrimination into regular schools. It does not set apart children who have different talents, abilities or needs. It is the process of addressing and…

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