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  • Distance Education And Synchronous Distance Learning

    CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.0 INTRODUCTION There exists many definitions for what distance learning or distance education Teaster and Blieszner (1999) say “the term distance learning has been applied to many instructional methods: however, its primary distinction is that the teacher and the learner are separate in space and possibly time”. The most thorough definition was proposed by Desmond Keegan (1995) a leading expert in distance education. Keegan espouses that “Distance education and…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Transportation In A School Bus Essay

    special need transportation? As per the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in the United States, every schools should provide education to all the eligible students with disabilities. Along with educational needs, the students with special needs also require proper facility that ensure safe transportation. Nevertheless, while developing training materials for drivers and…

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  • Sport Psychology Personal Statement Essay

    Purpose for Pursuing a Degree in Sport Psychology The counselor in me is constantly thoughtful about the social cognitive processes of people, particularly students, and how it is shaping my career choice to become an expert in human behavior. The researcher in me is continuously motivated to find the answers to thought provoking questions. And lastly, the athlete in me is consistently driven to participate in high performing athletic and academic experiences, regardless of the outcome. After a…

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  • Reflective Essay On Inclusive Practice

    Inclusive practice Is an approach to teaching that recognises the diversity of students, enabling all students to access course content, fully participate in learning activities and demonstrate their knowledge and strengths at assessment. Inclusive practices include .. • Being approachable, welcoming and genuinely interested. • A setting having adaptive policies and procedures ie. a system exists where policies and procedures of a setting can be updated to ensure they enable inclusion. • Having…

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  • Disability Movement Essay

    get a proper public school education. The Disability Movement and its success with IDEA has strongly impacted schools. It is incredibly important for students with disabilities to participate and interact with ‘normal’ kids their age in a general educational classroom. This benefits both the students with disabilities and the students without. For those with disabilities, it allows them a chance to gain friendships and increase their social interactions and relationships. This also provides…

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  • Importance Of Training In Hospitality

    CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION What is training? According to the Merriam Webster’s dictionary, it is the process of teaching someone with skills that are needed for a specific art, profession or job. This statement means that in order for a person to excel in his or her line of work the individual must prepare ahead by gaining skills through training. There are different types of trainings and the methods that it can be administered. But it is not just about taking a training, because it’s just as…

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  • Special Education In Indo-Pak Case Study

    Education in Indo-Pak In the Indo–Pak subcontinent the special needs education history for children and adults dates back to the British period. In 1906 a school for visually impaired children and adults was established in Lahore to cater for their educational and vocational needs. In 1923 another school in Karachi, Ida Rio, was set up for hearing impaired children. The regular school system generally excluded children and adults with disabilities, because the administration of the schools and…

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  • What Are The Most Directly Personal Outcomes Of Learning Maths

    Perhaps the most directly personal outcome of learning mathematics is the development of one’s mathematical confidence (Ernest 22). This includes being confident in one’s personal knowledge in mathematics, in applying previously learned mathematical knowledge in various situations and contexts, and acquisition of additional knowledge and skills when needed. Mathematical confidence translates to success in dealing with math problems and mathematics in general, thereby decreasing one’s negative…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Traditional And Modern Learning Aids In The Classroom

    1.0 INTRODUCTION The educational system has evolved throughout the years with the involvement of technology, same goes with learning session in class. Nowadays, teachers utilized the use of technology to enhance students’ learning in class. Books, hand-outs, notes and discussion are examples of learning aids in class instead of teachers’ lectures. However, environment in the class changes as teachers began to use other learning aid such as online discussion, online quizzes and PowerPoint…

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  • Hidden Curriculum Reflection

    this question should tell us more about the hidden curriculum. According to Journal of Education and Practice (2015), the concept of a hidden curriculum refers to the unspoken or implicit values, behaviors, procedures and norms that exist in the educational setting. This is a fine way of defining what a hidden curriculum is all about. While such expectations are not explicitly…

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