What Is The Importance Of Transportation In A School Bus Essay

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School Bus Transportation of Special Need Students: An Overview

Ordinarily, parents seek school transportation for safely transporting students with special needs. Even though safety rules differ from one state to another, there are certain skills that every person, who handles special need students should be aware of.

What are the legal requirements of special need transportation?

As per the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in the United States, every schools should provide education to all the eligible students with disabilities. Along with educational needs, the students with special needs also require proper facility that ensure safe transportation.

Nevertheless, while developing training materials for drivers and
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In addition to this general training, drivers should have an awareness regarding the special equipments utilized by students with disabilities. Actually, this kind of training or awareness is necessary as improper handling of their special equipments (such as wheelchair lifts) may create severe injuries to students with special needs.

Recognize the needs of disabled students

As a driver, it is your responsibility to understand the needs and attitude differences of each student travelling in the school bus. However, each situation demand different responses on the basis of needs and abilities of student transporting in a school bus.

Consequently, you should be aware of the typical disability of each student transporting in a school bus, and henceforth recognize the medical situations and respond accordingly. This is highly essential during the evacuation process, where you should understand what each student is capable of with or without your support and act correspondingly to the situation.

Categories of students with special needs

1. Orthopedic damage

2. Deaf or
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Responsibilities of parent, student, bus driver, and bus attendant

Parent's role in special needs transportation

Ensure that your child is made ready 5 minutes prior to the pick up time

Guide your child to the curb

Notify relevant authorities whenever the child does not need transportation

Your contact number, address, and child care arrangements should be informed earlier to the school authorities

Instruct the driver to proceed if the driver waits longer than 5 minutes at the bus stop

Make sure that you are present at drop off time so that drivers can safely entrust your child back to you

In case you are unable to reach the bus stop, inform the authorities to return the child to school or consign to the police officials

Student's responsibilities

Always maintain proper discipline inside the school bus

Report school bus related issues either to school bus driver or attendant

Prepare yourself to receive suspension, detention, suspension from school bus riding or meeting with Principal for improper school bus behavior

School bus driver's responsibilities

Ensure that you attain appropriate training and a valid driver's license

Have proper authentication indicating they are working for the

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