Cross-cultural communication

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  • Cross-Cultural Communication

    as the LEARN model, which was discussed earlier this semester in an article by Huber (2009). The LEARN model is a tool to overcome cultural dissonance; Hilt used the L by listening to the needs of the Lees through a non-judgmental lens, she used the E when explaining the need to follow doctors orders for the well being of Lia, the A when acknowledging their cultural beliefs, the R when making recommendations and making an effort to make them understand (through making a conscious effort using…

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  • Cross Cultural Communication Analysis

    devastating consequences of a lack of cross-cultural communication and how cultural beliefs sometimes influence the effectiveness of western medicine on patients embedded in strong cultural beliefs. Patients’ mental state plays a major role in their response to treatment and care. Health care providers’ ability to connect with the diverse cultural beliefs of the patients they serve through effective communication therefore, can help patients to wholeheartedly blend their cultural beliefs with…

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  • Ethnocentric Approach To Cross-Cultural Communication

    When working in culturally diverse environments, companies tend to have three main approaches (Adler, 1991). Parochial approach is when companies believe that their way is the only way to deal with work related issues, completely ignoring the cultural diversity (Adler, 1991). At the same time, ethnocentric approach is when companies believe that their way of dealing with problems is the best way possible and no other way would be considered. People working in such corporations recognise their…

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  • Cross-Cultural Analysis

    behavioral structure; working with these concepts, individuals gain a foundation of normal cultural practices. The values and norms of culture and sub-culture influence social interactions in the context of everyday life and business negotiations. For multinational companies and countries to have an advantage in today’s global markets, it is necessary to understand these cultural practices. The level of cultural understanding translates into the successes or failures in business, economics, and…

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  • Cultural Competence In Nursing Case Study

    Cultural competency is defined as a, “recognized and popular approach to improving the provision of health care to racial/ethnic minority groups in the community with the aim of reducing racial/ ethnic health disparities” (Truong, n.d., para 1). Cultural competency for an organization means, “creating practices and policies that will make services more accessible to diverse populations, and that provide for appropriate and effective services in cross-cultural situations” (Olsen, Bhattacharya &…

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  • What You Think Intercultural Communication By Kate Garvis

    1) What you think Intercultural Communication means and how does the ideas Nate Garvis presents in the video relate to that? • Intercultural Communication is a method of communication that focuses on transmitting information from one culture to another. Intercultural Communication can be used to break down geographical borders and psychological borders when it comes to understanding other cultures. According to the Human Resource Management Review, members of global virtual teams do not travel…

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  • Cross Cultural Training Case Study

    cultures that they find themselves in. Cross Cultural training programs enhance the competencies required for these assignments. Theories such as Hofstede’s cultural dimension theory have also been analyzed to study there impact if any on Cross Cultural Training effectiveness. Globalization has a major impact on an organizations culture and the employees that work in those companies. With the increase in globalization came the requirement of Cross Cultural Training…

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  • National Culture Case Study

    national culture in one country and the comparison between chosen countries. Basically, cultural differences, while difficult to observe and measure, are obviously very important. Failure to appreciate and account for them can lead to embarrassing blunders, strain relationships, and drag down business performance. And the effects of culture persist even in life-and-death situations. The persistence of cultural value differences is particularly relevant for large multinational companies that are…

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  • The Spirit Catches You And You Fall Down, By Anne Fadiman

    ethnicity from him or herself. Along with that, these patients are left confused and with a sense of powerlessness when working with American doctors. It becomes very hard to communicate not only because of a distinct language barrier, but also a cultural barrier. Many cultures approach situations in different ways, especially in regard to medical care. The book, The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down, by Anne Fadiman, is a story about a Hmong family who seeks treatment in the United States…

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  • Difference Between Dignity And Honor Culture

    In the negotiation process is critical to consider the cultural differences between buyer and seller. In a study about “What is culture?” lead by the University of Warwick, there are around 164 definitions of culture due to the multiple usages of this concept. In my opinion, the best meaning of culture is “the set of attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviors shared by a group of people, but different for each individual, communicated from one generation to the next” (Matsumoto, 1996). Taking…

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