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  • Roaring Twenties Fads

    Because of this lack of concern, many new ideas were created and many new fads formed, some of which have lasted well into the twenty-first century. Without some of the crazy feats that were attempted, some of our modern day circus acts could have never been discovered. Life was a time of laughter and gaiety during the twenties and it was enjoyed by all. From the first station of the radio to the almost impossible crossword puzzle, the 1920s shaped some of the current forms of leisure time and contributed greatly to the modern…

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  • Enhancing Joy In Teaching And Learning Analysis

    I will do this in twofold. First, I will ask my students after they have taken this new modified form of summative assessment (by completing a crossword puzzle with history related content questions), if they like this form of assessment or would rather suggest something else or possibly would want to go back to conducting their final assessments in a more standardized way such as completing the critical thinking questions from the chapter reviews in the textbook. The second way I will assess…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Grandpa

    He was sitting there doing a crossword puzzle. I did not know what a crossword puzzle was. He sat me down and he explained it to me step by step. Then we worked on it together. If I had not learned how to do a simple crossword puzzle what would i have done with all of my extra crossword puzzles for history class. Magic tricks were not his strong suit. But there was two tricks that he loved to do. Whenever I would for a quarter he would pretend to pull it out of my ear. By the time I was seven…

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  • Emotions In Mexican American Culture

    Empathy shows compassion towards other which is an engaging interpersonal emotion. The results of the study on this emotion, “interpersonally relevant affective states have substantial effects on Mexican participants’ performance motivation: Positive interpersonally engaging emotions motivated Mexican participants to perform an independent task, whereas negative interpersonally engaging emotions undermined their motivation” (Savani, 2013). Empathy created either positive or negative motivation…

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  • Gagne's Instructional Design Analysis

    similarities between two concepts by illustrating and recognizing common attributes. Teachers can use this tool across content areas, which can be used individually, in small groups, or with the whole class. In addition, the graphic organizer can be used as an interactive tool to engage students learning by intergrading technology (Lister, 2013). Crossword Puzzles According to Jones (2007), crossword solving involves “several skills, including vocabulary, reasoning, spelling, and word attack…

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  • Narrative Essay On Service Learning

    Some students would miss thing answer and put it incorrectly on the crossword. I have done to 5 minutes about missing left to the square in a grid are skip answer with multiplication. I made sure to check their finished homework from class then changed scats. Same as before, I enjoyed observing students in classroom. I saw the teacher do activities for teaching vocabulary words and math. My students asked how I learned sign language and I said “In the 1st grade in Egly Elementary school they…

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  • Elderly Population Research

    as simple as a new hobby (ex. The guitar); and lastly, as mentioned previously by Cavanaugh, exercise (Kuchins, 2007). Once again, exercise is mentioned as an extremely beneficial tool to prevent the cognitive decline in older adults. However, my research was extensive, it did not end here. In another study scientists researched the effects of leisurely cognitive activities, such as crossword puzzles. The study sought to determine if crossword puzzles and other types of cognitive based puzzles…

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  • Broadsheet And Tabloid Newspaper Comparison

    on property issues. On Tuesday the Business beat section features in-depth business stories and business investigative pieces. In People Daily, there is a magazine published every weekend with features on women, entertainment and sports. Obituaries The obituary section of a newspaper contains death and funeral announcements. The space is usually paid for by those bereaved by their family members. It contains the deceased’s photo and a small write-up on the date of death, funeral arrangements…

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  • Lesson Plan In Ancient Egypt

    bottom, left to right). E-2: using common spelling of high frequency words, word families and rhyming words.” (ELL Standards, Pg. 8, n.d.) Content Objective(s): All students will be able to spell the vocabulary words given to them correctly by the end of the lesson. All students will know the definitions of the vocabulary words given to the by the end of the lesson. All students will be able to use the vocabulary words learned to help…

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  • Mental Status Interview Essay

    He was able to complete this exam without any difficulty, and has no cognitive impairment. JW keeps his mind challenged with teaching, reading, crossword puzzles, and building projects. Fall Prevention Scale JW received a score of one on the Hendrich II Fall Risk Model (Tabolski, 2014), putting him at a low risk for falls. He had no difficulty rising from a chair, is not on anticonvulsants or benzodiazepines, he demonstrates no confusion or vertigo, he received one point for…

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