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  • Etruscan Mirrors Vs Cloud Gate Analysis

    Etruscan Mirrors Vs. Cloud Gate Modern versus Ancient, 2006 versus 300 B.C. and in some regards a culture versus a culture. The two pieces of art at face value are inconceivable to compare and seem distinctively different. Though, many differences there are a few similarities between the two pieces of art; The Etruscan Mirrors and The Cloud Gate that stem beyond the looks and into the symbolism and meaning for creation and the attempted message that the artists were trying to convey. Starting with the Etruscan Mirrors which were created by the Etruscans. A “civilization which flourished between c. 1000 and 100 B.C” (Adams 181) These mirrors were a specific combination of tin and copper together creating a cast bronze. These Mirrors were very telling of the connection between Etruscan Art and the Etruscan women. It was a very telling history indeed as Women in ancient times were predominantly shadowed by men, but the text from Art Across Time explains differently. “Judging from Etruscan art, Etruscan women participated more in public life with their husbands and help higher positions than in ancient Greece” (185) These Mirrors were very telling with the backs of them being carved into intricate designs. “The image on the reverse of Etruscan mirrors generally showed pictures of Women, often in a mythological context” (Baccolini). To illustrate these images that were engraved, please see figure one at the end of the paper, the figure specifically shows the given detail…

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  • Klimt The Kiss Summary

    1908 is his interpretation of the society in which he found himself, views on religion, nature, and sex and love. The perfectly square painting’s foreground is a lush green mound covered in hundreds of small pink, gold, red, and purple flowers. The greenery extends over three-fourths of the painting. The middle ground hosts a couple, male and female, arms locked in a great intimate embrace. The composition is very simple; allowing the viewer’s attention to rest solely upon the couple; with…

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  • Life Taker Of Souls: A Short Story

    It was okay, she was just another girl who did not understand me. At least she was gone now. Arriving at the water fountain, I looked into the shining water. The fountain was made of pure white stone with flecks of blue to cover it. Standing in the middle of the pool was a hooded man with one hand raised in front of him as if to stop someone. Water gushed out of where the man’s eyes were, but it was hard to tell because of the flickering light of the torches. A low stone wall made of the same…

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  • Shopping Center Assessment Paper

    of reach. In addition, the magazine and cd shelves were too deep to access items further back. Unless the client were using a reacher, assistance would be needed. Safety could come into play if a client were reaching for an item and it fell over on them. The checkout counters and area provided adequate space for a wheelchair to maneuver. The counters were 34 inches high and the card readers were 42 inches high. A slight reach may be required. Seating: The store didn’t provide any seating at…

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  • Racial Segregation In The 1950's

    drinking from matching water fountains, going to a matching school, sharing duplicate buses, being friends with one another, and sharing a meal from the same table. We have somewhat evolved from that time frame. We grew knowing what was fair and unfair to the people throughout this country no matter what the color of your skin is. In 1950, Elliot Erwitt captured some of the truth of living in the past when Racial Segregation was unimaginably. The image that is shown is going to give us a little…

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  • The Characters And Audience In Doubt: A Parable

    in the most peculiar way. And another thing. I think there was alcohol on his breath. There was alcohol on his breath."(Shanely 1476). This is a reason to raise alarms in one 's head but this is not enough to prove wrong doing on to Father Flynn. To Sister Aloysius, "Father Flynn embodies a rebellious liberal who contradicts the obedience and dogma that defines the church and her life."(Stefanovici 214). Sister Aloysius expresses her displeasure with Father Flynn in the meeting that he attends…

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  • Crown Heights: The August 1991 Riots

    Crown Heights, located in Brooklyn, is known to be a diverse neighborhood. It is notoriously known to an unsafe and run-down neighborhood, but the recent gentrification of the neighborhood is proving its reputation wrong. There have been numerous reports of tension and anti-Semitism between the Black people and Jews in Crown Heights. One of the main incidents that occurred between them is the August 1991 riot, which was said by Henry Goldschmidt, a scholarly author and researcher, to be the most…

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  • Toyota's Case Study Of The Toyota Motor Company

    was created and also in that same year the chemical and research division was created. In 1941 the machine works division was established at the same factory. From 1942-1946 a large number of cars and trucks were created. This always happens during a great time of promise trouble comes. In 1950 there was a terrible financial crisis in Japan and this lead to a dispute with labor. Many individuals that established the company voluntary retire for the good of the company. The rest of the decade…

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  • Three Coins In The Fountain Film Analysis

    overlooked; however, when considering movies in the historical sense, it is vital that we consider the time period and how the movie was influenced by it. For the movie, Three Coins in the Fountain stylistic choices from clothing, scenery and cinematography all influence how the audience receives the message of a movie, and in this case, attempts to draw tourists into the city. During this time period, “In the 1950s the US government encouraged American vacation travel to western Europe as a…

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  • Crown Prerogatives Essay

    According to the Constitution, crown is the repository of the whole administrative authority. Constitution prescribes vast powers of the crown. Two main sources of powers of the crown are as follows: • Prerogatives According to Dicey, Prerogatives of the crown signify those powers which have not been taken away from the monarch during the process of decline in his powers. There was a time when the whole governmental authority belonged to the monarch before the recognition of “principle of…

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