Toyota's Case Study Of The Toyota Motor Company

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Toyota motor company has been in business since 1938 and has done a lot for the car business. This summary will mention the topics in the report. It will begin with a brief history of Toyota and its brand of vehicles. From that point it will go into how the company stands against rivals such as Ford and Chrysler. It will discuss how they match up against Toyota and how much of the market they control.
Covered will be how to keep our share and how to increase it in the long run. This will require some smart business moves by members of management in all regions of the company. This time in business is filled with many global issues that the company must protect itself against. Some examples are the sanctions affecting the Russian economy and
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He also went to learn about the construction of automobiles. During this time he also travels to Europe to study their car market. While in Great Britain he meets the Platt brothers, who like his invention so much they purchase the rights to it. He uses that money to create a new invention the gasoline powered engine.
In 1933 he establishes an automobile department for the mission to build cars. In 1935 the company that we now know as Toyota was born and they were ready for the world. In 1936 the logo was establish and in 1938 the Koromo car plant was open for business. His dream was becoming reality in the long run and people were benefiting from his invention. The 1940’s was an exciting time for the company five divisions were created in this decade alone.
In 1940 a steel works was created and also in that same year the chemical and research division was created. In 1941 the machine works division was established at the same factory. From 1942-1946 a large number of cars and trucks were created. This always happens during a great time of promise trouble comes. In 1950 there was a terrible financial crisis in Japan and this lead to a dispute with
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The 1960’s were some exciting years for Toyota and their expansion plans. In the first year of the 1960’s a research Laboratory was established and the headquarters was built too. In 1961 the total quality control model was established around the company. In 1962 the company expanded to Thailand and throughout Asia.
In 1965 the company received a special Deming award for quality control. In 1966 the company opened the Kamigo plant and in 1969 sales were I million units that year. In 1970 the company received the Japan control medal, receiving this gave the brand a good name. In 1977 the technical center was established in the United States. At the end of 1979 sales reached 10 million units that year.
The 1980’s was a decade of continued growth as the other decades were. In 1981 the Toyota technological institute was established. In 1984 Toyota does a joint venture with General motors called the United Motor Manufacturing Inc. In 1986 the Teiho plant opened and in 1987 the company expanded to Europe. In 1988 domestic sales reached 2 million units that

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