Cruelty to Animals Act 1876

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  • Animal Testing In The 21st Century

    Animal Experimentation needed in the 21ST Century? Imagine if you were in a cage, imprisoned with no way out. You’re hungry, apathetic, and in pain but you’re only allowed to eat whenever they want you to eat, you’re only allowed to get out whenever they need you, and instead of alleviating your pain they increase it. They’ve drugged you, dissected you, and tested on you without even asking for your consent. Did you do something wrong? Was it your destiny to be trapped and used for the benefit of others? Was your death in anyway significant at all? This horrific nightmare is of course not real, to you at least, but the same cannot be said to the millions of animals that go through these horrendous experiences. Animal experimentation is something…

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  • The Ethics Of Animal Testing

    Animal Testing Millions of animals die every day as a result to animal testing. Nancy Day said “ animals have been used in research for more than two thousand years”(p.37). Day also said” Galen, who was born in A.D. 129, is considered the founder of experimental physiology”(p.37). Day also said “it takes an average of seven years to test a new drug before the FDA can approve it for the general public”(p.31).Day also said ”critics of animal experimentation say that animals get different forms of…

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  • The Benefits Of Animal Experimentation

    chip of what animal mistreatment looks like in our society today. From animal experimentation to factory farms, the abuse can been hidden away from the eyes of our society (Clemmitt 3). However, with the spread of social media, animal experimentation has advanced to the public. Scientists tormenting animals for the sake of knowledge, chemical safety, and medical research became viral within minutes throughout the world (Hubrecht 2). Philosophers and…

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  • Animal Testing Is Wrong Essay

    Is Animal Testing Wrong? In the current discussions of animal testing, an important argument has been whether or not animal testing is wrong, considering that animals have feelings. One viewpoint is that using animals for testing is completely okay and important in human survival. From this idea, many people such as Heloisa Sabin believe that “without animal research, polio would still be claiming thousands of lives each year” (158). Basically, Sabin is stating that sacrificing animals for…

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  • The Importance Of Animal Experimentation

    Animal experimentation Humans depend on controversy to obtain an ominous view of all the facts to make an educated decision. While many humans can never unanimously agree on a whole heartedly ethically inclined decision, it can help create progress especially in cases of animal cruelty. Although many people are against animal cruelty, the controversy is dictated to people’s opinions on whether animal experimentation is more helpful or more harmful. Animal experimentation is incredibly…

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  • Argumentative Essay Against Animal Testing

    essay: Experimenting on animals, with or against? Since many years, animals have always been one of the reasons for the survival of many human beings. They are used for experimental and medical research for finding new drugs and treatments and for the general advancement of health and medicine. There has been a controversy between people about the pros and cons to the practice of animal testing and whether it is helpful or it is just wasting the animal lives and there could…

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  • Explaining The Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing

    of drugs, infecting innocent and defenseless animals with diseases, poisoning, implantations, and causing brain damage are just some of the elements of what animal experimentation truly is. Cosmetics, cleaning supplies, and personal care products are only a small fraction of the many products used frequently by people that are tested regularly on animals for research-based and scientific studies. Although some may be completely unaware of, we use a number of these products more often than we…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Animal Research

    Animal research has been in use for a long time as part of experiments conducted to assure the safe use of medicine, food, cosmetics, and among other products. Animals have repeatedly been used through the history of biomedical research. It is considered that Aristotle and Erasistratus were among the first scholars to perform experiments on living animals. As the experimentation on animals increased, so did criticism and controversy. It has been an important issue for many years because it…

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  • Animal Testing In Research

    then force-feed the animals…

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  • When Is Animal Testing Wrong

    In discussions of animal testing, one controversial issue has been whether animals can feel emotions as humans do, and furthermore, if they can then is the use of animals in research morally wrong? On the one hand, scientists that use animals as test subjects, such as Helosia Sabin and her late husband, argue that it is crucial for any medical progress because much testing is required before releasing a new drug into the public. On the other hand, people like Peggy Carlson, a scientist…

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