The Ethics Of Animal Testing

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Animal Testing
Millions of animals die every day as a result to animal testing. Nancy Day said “ animals have been used in research for more than two thousand years”(p.37). Day also said” Galen, who was born in A.D. 129, is considered the founder of experimental physiology”(p.37). Day also said “it takes an average of seven years to test a new drug before the FDA can approve it for the general public”(p.31).Day also said ”critics of animal experimentation say that animals get different forms of diseases, experience disease differently, or have conditions that seem similar but have different causes” (p.68). Rachel Hajar said” debates on the ethics of animal testing have raged since the seventeenth century” ( Rachel Hajar also
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The companies wastes their money on unnecessary testing. According to Nancy Day, ”The critics also challenge claims that most modern medical advances resulted from animal experiment”(p.65). It cost more for the company. They have to be fed, housed, cared for and treated with drugs. This takes up large amount of money. Hunnicutt says” Reliance On animal experimentation can impede and delay discovery”(p.23). That means it could stop humans from discovering new things.”Many items purchased and used by consumers everyday,such as household cleansers,cosmetics drugs, and pesticides are subjected to the government regulations, requireing that they be “safe” for humans, animals and the environment”(”A complete batch test for a therapeutic protein can involve 12,000 mice which can cost 2.4 million dollars”( People are still spending a lot of money on the items which could be used on something else, and it’s no guarantee that it will be safe to the animals. A great deal of money is involved in animal …show more content…
They cost our nation a great amount of money, which could be spent on something else.millions of animals die every day as a result to animal testing, people should ban animal testing so it be be less harmful to animals.Rachel Hajar said” “In recent years, the practice of using animals for biomedical research has come under severe criticism by animal protection and animal rights groups”( Animals and humans are not the same, they have more needs than humans. Animal testing should be banned in all

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