Compare And Contrast Etruscan Mirrors And The Cloud Gate

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Etruscan Mirrors Vs. Cloud Gate

Modern versus Ancient, 2006 versus 300 B.C. and in some regards a culture versus a culture. The two pieces of art at face value are inconceivable to compare and seem distinctively different. Though, many differences there are a few similarities between the two pieces of art; The Etruscan Mirrors and The Cloud Gate that stem beyond the looks and into the symbolism and meaning for creation and the attempted message that the artists were trying to convey.

Starting with the Etruscan Mirrors which were created by the Etruscans. A “civilization which flourished between c. 1000 and 100 B.C” (Adams 181) These mirrors were a specific combination of tin and copper together creating a cast bronze. These Mirrors were
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have plenty of formal elements of art. Including lines which are exquisitely and efficiently carved including converging lines to create the handle, into a curved line making the circle convex mirror. We can infer that the texture of the Etruscan mirrors where smooth on the handle and edges, with the rough engraved depictions on the back. It’s hard to argue the color of the Mirrors as they were cast in bronze, meaning a variety of metallic colors between orange and brown to see an Etruscan mirror now, you would see a range of light and dark greens due to chemical reactions of the copper alloys within the bronze …show more content…
To emphasize the previous similarity of the two pieces of art. Both sculptures are seen with a convex reflective surface, reflecting spiritual beauty. I believe there is a spiritual representation between the two, in the instance of the beauty that is being reflected, a very expensive very rich looking piece of art represented in the Cloud Gate, where as in the Etruscan era, the mirrors were notably used by “Wealthy Etruscan women were also unusually fashion-conscious and wore elaborate jewelry.” (185) While the Etruscan Mirrors can still be found in museums the Cloud Gate has a contract based guarantee to last 1000 years. (Kapoor) In both respects the public in which they impacted had positive reactions, while the Cloud Gate is a tourist attraction the Etruscan mirrors were more of an everyday use. The Cloud Gate is a 3D literal bean type shape, but is created with welds and flat panels, created out of stainless steel naturally has a glossy silvery metal

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