Cross-linked polyethylene

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  • Difference Between Carrageenan And Vanillin

    clear complexes of helixes or entanglement may indicate the defect of the network and produced the exothermic peak in DSC result. A study on fabrication of nano fiber from alginate (Nie et al. (2008) found that the entanglement may increase the flexibility of chains of alginates. This flexibility may promote the swelling capability of the non-crosslink sample. The AFM analysis measured the average Young’s modulus of 2344.17 MPa for the non-crosslinked film and 2314 MPa for the crosslinked film as shown in Table 2. The deviation in the measured Young’s modulus may be due to the different thickness of film as solidification process occurred during film casting. Using Equation 1 (Zhu & Wool, 2011), the crosslink density calculated for the cross-linked film was 0.934 mol/cm3. This value is lower compared to the crosslinking density calculated by Sarika et al. (2014). They obtained the crosslink density of 2.51 mol/cm3 for the scaffold made of gelatine and gum Arabic aldehyde. Elsewhere, Zhu and Wool (2011) calculated the crosslink density in nanoclay-filled elastomers to be around 20-40 mol/cm3. This may suggest that vanillin used as a crosslinker has promoted the physical crosslink between vanillin and semi-refined carrageenan. This then promoted the disintegration properties, which is in agreement with the results of XRD, TGA and DSC. Conclusion The addition of vanillin as a crosslinker shows a positive indication to improve the ability of film to disintegrate, which is…

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  • What Are Marketing Principles Used In The Creation Of Dairy Packaging Case Study

    recycling, but in many cases, not all of the materials can be recycled (Marsh & Bugusu, 2007, n.p.g.). For example, some materials, especially plastic food containers, are contaminated with oil and grease, which make them unsuitable or hard for recycling (“Identify recyclables”, n.d., n.p.g.). To give a better view about recyclables, the materials’ statuses for recycling are outlined as follows. • Papers & paperboards Sometimes, it is difficult to identify the recycling status of papers in the…

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  • Polyethylene Essay

    QUESTION: Give the Preparation, Properties and Applications of any four POLYMERS 1. Polyethenics ( Vinyl Resins) They are obtained by the polymerization of monomers containing the ethylenic bond (-C=C-) I. Polyethylene ( PE ) Polyethylene is one of the simplest and most inexpensive polymers. It is a waxy, chemical inert plastic. It a thermoplastic formed by the addition polymerization of ethylene. There are two types of polyethylene  Low Density polyethylene (LDPE) By using free radical…

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  • X-Linked Ichthyosis Research Paper

    vulgaris as it accounts for over 90% of all Ichthyosis cases and then there is X-linked Ichthyosis, which is the least common type of Ichthyosis with there being only one in every 6,000 births in males (Panthagani). X-linked Ichthyosis was chosen as the area of interest, it is a recessive disease in which only males get the disease and females are carriers for the disease. The gene that causes Ichthyosis is X-linked, which means it is a disease passed down from a mother to her child. The gene…

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  • Crucifixion In The Dream Of The Rood

    remember the story of the crucifixion and how it made them feel. The emphasis is on the cross and the loyalty is gives to Christ. To connect with his audience, the narrator breaks his dream into three parts. To get the full effect, we must remember how the story of the crucifixion made us feel. Dream of the Rood is similar to Christian George Stevens’ The Greatest Story Ever Told (1965) because both show commitment to the cross. The GSET takes the most time on the scene of the crucifixion,…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Dream At The University Of Vernon Hill

    great-grandparents moved to a three-decker house on Vernon Hill. They sought a better life for their children by stressing the importance of education as the key to social and economic mobility. Three generations later, I am a rising sophomore at the College of the Holy Cross, located within a few miles of this neighborhood. Although I am living the American dream, I am keenly aware that many are not blessed with the opportunities that I have been given. In…

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  • Examples Of Aggressive Behavior

    2. Identified Challenging Behavior & Operational Definition • Challenging Behavior: Physical Aggression • Operational Definition: When Tim doesn’t get his way or tries to get someone’s attention, he will often use physical aggression (hit, pull hair, spit) to meet his needs. 3. Hypothesis • Tim is displaying physically aggressive behavior to get attention from his peers. 4. Identified Target Behavior & Operational Definition • Target Behavior: Ask to Play • Operational Definition: When Tim…

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  • The Aerospace Industry

    1.1 Overview of aerospace industry Globally, 3.57 billion passengers travelled on aeroplanes during 2015 and the demand for air travel is predicted to keep rising.1 As the frequency of air travel is increasing, it places a pressure on the aerospace industry to improve material performance and the efficiency of their transportation.2 Classically aircraft were constructed from metallic materials such as aluminium and titanium. Therefore, new materials must have specific properties and…

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  • Narrative Essay: Superior Court Cases

    When I spoke to my boss at the office about how confusing the questioning was, he explained that it is important to make the questioning confusing, so that the jury gets confused, as feels like they cannot find the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. They were no objections made during the cross-examination. Attorneys can make an objection to the judge or question a piece of evident brought up during the case. After the defense was finished, cross-examine the first witness, the…

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  • Lewis Burwell Puller's Accomplishments

    of selfless service placing our nation, the Marine Corps and every Marine that served under him ahead of his own personal needs and interests. Matthew and Martha Puller gave birth to Lewis Burwell on June 26, 1898 in a small town in West Point, Virginia. Lewis grew up listening to war stories from the civil war and wanted more than anything to enlist in the military. After a brief attendance at Virginia Military Institute Puller dropped out of college to enlist in the Marine Corps. Private…

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