Cross-cultural communication

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  • Ethnographic Case Study Marcel Mauss

    The ethnographic case studies written by Marcel Mauss; The gift, thieving a chance by Rebecca prentice and Tongan women and migratory circuits of wealth by Ping-Ann Addo are all uniquely different, representing different traditions as well as different concepts based on their way of life. However, these three case studies, regardless of the differences in their concepts of culture, all represents similar traditions. These case studies all follow the rule of reciprocity, exchange, gifting and…

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  • Masculinity In Osama

    the women because many of them died during the Afghan Wars, thus leaving families with only women to starve. Osama exposes an extremist culture where masculinity is privileged and femininity is suppressed. The cultural dimensions exemplified in Osama provide a realistic portrayal of how cultural values affect gender roles in different societies. In such an extremist society, it is quite…

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  • Self-Assessment: Assessments And Strengths Of Cultural Diversity

    Cultural Competence Healthcare is becoming diverse with the patient population from many different race, cultures and ethnicity. Nurses take care of patients from many different types of heritage and background, therefore we need to be culturally competent while providing care. By taking the Cultural Diversity Self-Assessment (IllinoisCTE, n.d.), I was able to determine my own beliefs toward different cultures. The assessment tool is comprised of a one to five rating scale in regards to how…

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  • Cultural Values In Beowulf

    Different Cultures Teach Valuable Lessons When studying different cultures and ethnicities, many ideas and questions develop to what defines that culture. We start to distinguish the details of what different cultures believe in and value. The Anglo Saxons culture valued different ideas, but they particularly valued loyalty, riches/power, and selflessness. However, humans have similar values as the Anglo Saxons. Humans practice the same ideas that other cultures performed throughout their time.…

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  • The Relationship Between Colonialism, Globalisation And The Development Of Local Language Case Study

    Salikoko S. Mufwene investigated the relationship between colonialism, globalisation and the development of local languages. The objectives of his study include 1. To establish if languages are parasitic. 2. To find out the factors that lead to language extinction.3. To see how globalisation has endangered most languages in the world and Africa in particular. Some of the works used for this deep study include:Mualdhuster (1996),Crystal (2000),Dixon(1997),Brenziger, (1998),Renard (2001).These…

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  • Essay On The Cultural Nature Of Human Development

    The Cultural Nature of Human Development by Barbara Rogoff, is a book that shows how immensely important it is to remember culture when working with the concept of human development. In the short excerpt we received of her book, we were introduced to several different ways of viewing culture when thinking about human development. In this excerpt the author mentions things such as ethnocentrism, various orienting concepts that pertain to understanding cultural processes, and cultural regularities…

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  • The Importance Of Cultural Communication In Health Care

    Introduction Why is Cultural Competency important in health care? “Cultural Competence in health care describes the ability of systems to provide care to patients with diverse values, beliefs and behaviors, including tailoring delivery to meet patient 's social, cultural, and linguistic needs” (Betancourt, Green, & Carrillo, 2002). In health care, cultural competence is important in many aspects. Without cultural competency one would not have the ability to provide proper care to patients that…

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  • John Kotter Model Of Organizational Change

    LITERATURE REVIEW Survival and success of organisation depend on adaptability, invention and flexibility, demanding continuous organisational changes. (Nesterkin, 2013: 574) The process of changes carried out in several ways including how the change is planned, launched or implemented and outcome expectation. The aims of this is either to familiarise with environment or increase the performance by improving productivity. The success of change lays on how organisation manage the change at all…

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  • Material Culture: Late 19th And Early 20th Century

    In the UAE the Kandorah and the Abaya are the cultural clothes. In the past the Abaya was made from black silk, and it was long and loose so it cover the whole body. Married women wore a different Abaya than the single girls and it was called Soweaah (سويعة). This type of Abaya was made from black and…

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  • Cultural Industries In Movies

    Cultural industries come from the two words ‘culture’ and ‘industry’, and therefore from the term ‘Cultural Industry’. The term culture industry was created by Max Horkheimer and Theodor Adorno (CITE). The word Culture defines as “the quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc.” ( On the contrary Industry could be defined as that refers to consumption, commodification and…

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