Cross-cultural communication

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  • Stock Ownership Culture

    each others opinion not because they have to but because they respect each other and every team member. Perhaps, it would be easier for Ben to explain it by Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions. According to Worldwide Accounting Diversity, “Using responses to an attitude survey of IBM employees worldwide, Hofstede identified four cultural dimensions that can be used to describe general similarities and differences in cultures around the world: (1) individualism, (2) power distance, (3) uncertainty…

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  • Marketing Management: The Five Concepts Of Marketing

    “There are five different concepts of marketing. Each concept varying in the function that they deal with. As the market changes, so do the concepts of marketing.” (Hose 2017) There is production concept, selling concept, marketing concept, and societal marketing concept. Production concept is when consumers prefer products that are widely available and inexpensive. Geoffrey B. Small takes what his customers want in mind. They want to buy products from someone who is concerned with the…

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  • Cultural Competence Education

    Technology & Social Media’s Role in Cultural Competence Education With the internationalization of technical exchanges and the increasing popularity of social media in the everyday lives of today’s society, the need for cultural competence education has become the focus of educators as well as the technical community. Cultural competence is the capacity to change one’s attitudes, values and behavior so as to be open and flexible with other cultures and has become increasingly crucial for…

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  • Forced Migration In Art

    1. Introduction This study explores how five contemporary international artists who work and create artwork with “migration” as a theme, and how they have conceptualized their artistic and social identities through their personal experiences. Through these five artists, the study seeks to understand and explore how displacement is used as a technique to express their life experience. The five artists chosen to demonstrate this approach are Jacob Lawrence, Tracey Moffatt, Gerald Machona, Suh…

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  • Tylor's Primitive Cultural Analysis

    society. From Tylor’s definition of ‘culture’, it is evident that culture holds mental capabilities such as thoughts, behavior such as actions, and it can be learned and shared. Culture, as a whole, is co-exists within an individual in a group (i.g. cultural society) , and it can be debated about to find the ‘ultimate truth’. Tylor agrees that individuals are homogeneous with similar values and practices in order to function within a ‘cultured’ societal institution. Culture is learned and…

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  • Impact Of Culture On Culture

    Culture related undertakings contribute to an increase in the intellectual potential of populous and the building of a conscious, open and tolerant citizen society. It may be emphasized that culture is a base for initiating cooperation and human communications, performing numerous education functions and thereby stimulating different factions of society. Culture, which comprises one of the…

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  • Language And Globalization Summary

    Debates surrounding linguistic, social and cultural identity have been central issues for individuals who have crossed national, geographical or linguistic borders. As the world diverges into homogeneity, people tend to question their own place in the world. Globalization changing experiences of work and social life leads to new perceptions of the self. Throughout the book “Language and Globalization” by Maryam Borjian, many authors struggle with their own cultural identity due to their…

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  • Nt1330 Unit 6 Paper

    than 2 then dummy is equal to 1. The coefficient on the interaction term between the ADR and performance is negative and significant when the LTO dummy is equal to 1. It suggests that cross-listed firms from countries with the higher LTO value become more sensitive to the poor performance compared with the non-cross-listed firms from the same country. For the firms in the countries with lower than US LTO index, the interaction term is positive, which means the firms become less sensitive to…

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  • Cultural Convergence Analysis

    confronted with the local culture, however, when an organization has successfully dealt with the situation, a sustainable working environment may be created in the end. I think that the convergence and divergence of culture may have a relation to cultural dimension of Hofstede. For instance, a country with high power distance may create a convergence culture within the country while a low power distance country may lead to a divergence culture because of equality between people. Hence, I will…

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  • Toyota Power Distance

    used as the addressed cultural profiling tools for global business leaders. Toyota and Ford are the main cases in analyzing power distance index, individualism vs. collectivism, uncertainty avoidance index, masculinity vs. femininity, long-term orientation vs. short-term orientation and indulgence vs. restraint(Hofstede, 1994). By comparing the different cultural background of Toyota and Ford, it can draw the characteristics of six dimensions which leaders can use as cultural profiling tools in…

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