The Importance Of Tourism

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“The travel and tourism industry, it 's just a huge part of our economy- Karen Hughes. Boorstein (1971), there are fewer travelers who think journeys teach the way to live their lives. On the contrary, the number of tourists, who are pleasure-seeking, is increasing. Tourism has become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. Modern tourism is linked to development which leads to the increasing ‎of new destinations. Communication is a vital element for tourism industry to convey message from destinations to tourists and vise versa. Tourism is, at its heart, communicative phenomena.
First of all, communication takes an important role in tourism setting within tourists/guests. There are various types of tourist with different
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But I didn’t feel uncomfortable because I came with group tour and you know… Japanese is everywhere here.” (A. Ohata, personal communication, October 19, 2014)
In the above example, Ohata did not feel uncomfortable and enjoy Hawaii as it served her. Intercultural communication does not play any essential role for her because the environment such as tour guild, Japanese friends in the same group, hotels, and destinations, facilitates her to lessen her attempt of engagement with Hawaii- the host country. However, this environment also limited her experience with the local
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There are plenty of places in the world, even in one city which are available for being chosen to become destination. Why some places becomes famous and others are dumped and viewed meaningless? To choose places that represent image of country, state, or people in the city, the place itself has to hold core value or unique point that the tourism can use to communicate easily. For example, my hometown, Chiang Mai is a famous for tourist who visits Thailand. There are around 120 temples in the city, nevertheless, only around 9 temples that were put in the pamphlet and tourist usually visits. These temples contain reflection of “Chiangmainess” such as having long history from Kingdom of Lanna- the old kingdom before Thailand took over. Lanna culture is chosen to represent Chiang Mai to make the city unique from other cities in Thailand. The unique point or differences from other destination is very important for communication. It will be easy for communicators to convey the message of destination or show what tourist will get differently from travelling to other places which Dicks (2006) mentioned that clear cultural identity will help destination become visitable. On the other words, the place that can communicate well will be picked from the country or city. Moreover, the places that were picked will communicate with the locals also. Locals will have sense of ownership and conservation of the place

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