Communication disorders

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  • Daniel Orozco's Orientation

    As many know, an orientation is a long, extenuating process that is used in order to provide vital information, whether it pertain to a job or even school. The information is drilled into each individual’s brain by repetition of words and even by words typed on a piece of paper. In Daniel Orozco’s “Orientation,” the reader can see that this isn’t just any normal orientation being given, it was more like an in-depth view into each employee’s life whether it pertained to the office or their…

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  • Social Worker Professionalism

    able to deal with any daily challenges that arise. You must be able to resolve any issues simple or complex you must show a significant amount of professionalism and patience when handling issues you should address them calmly and with patients. Communication skills are critical skills when handling a broad range of particular problems and dealing with different populations. As a professional you must be able to deal with clients in a friendly and…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Current Role As Administrative Assistant

    I have developed strong communication skills throughout my career with experience in customer service, handling client enquiries, composing emails, writing reports and liaising with stakeholders. In my current role as Administrative Coordinator at the CSH&ETC, my communication skills are utilised daily through answering calls and email enquiries, composing newsletter and social media content, proof reading and data entry management. Previously working as an Administration Assistant/Estimator…

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  • Iberg J: Focusing

    The need for patients to describe their illness and symptoms in detail is not always as obvious as wanting to have their condition understood by a member of health-care staff. This can be an opportunity for the patient to portray their feelings and anguish towards the challenges in every day life, more of a emotional release mechanism and a way of justifying to themselves how well they are coping with managing their conditions and illness. Simply having the opportunity to vent their frustrations…

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  • The Importance Of Dichos In Mexican Culture

    As a Mexican American, I have learned many of the traditions and customs of the Mexican culture. One tradition, I have learned as a member of the Mexican community is called a dicho. Dichos or “sayings” as I like to define the term, is a Spanish term used to describe a proverb. A proverb is a short metaphorical statement that a culture constantly uses. (Sims 2005:129) Proverbs are a part of the performance aspect of folklore because people tell these proverbs every day especially in…

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  • Collaborative Social Impacts Negatively Affected Groups

    1.2.1 Involve the diverse public- it is important to identify and involve all potentially affected communities and individuals. This is important because there could be a lack of understanding of the impacts and SIA process. Profiles should be developed at this stage of local and regional communities. By involving the public it also allows for recruiting participants who can adequately represent the affected groups (Seebohm, 1995). 1.2.2 Impact equity must be analyzed- The identified impacts…

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  • The Affects Of Conformity In Society

    Society has affect my views though conformity, I believe that every day I get dressed and ready, I am experiencing conformity through the clothes I wear and the hair and makeup I apply. I do not go shopping for clothes often, although, when I do, I tend to look on Pinterest, or other social media sites, to see what styles are popular and what clothes I should try on. I do not personally see this as an issue, I don’t have a lot of time to figure out my personal style and I like what others have…

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  • Comm 3220: Case Study 1: Technology's Impact On Society

    The excuses he made about the communication problems could have been true; however, if all of the meetings took place in the conference room then this problem may have never occurred. People are unpredictable sometimes, so the group did what they had to do and covered Kyle’s missing pieces. This is the upside of having a good group and using the various communication methods. The downside, being that Kyle was unreliable even with many means of communication. Again, this could have been because…

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  • Does Diversity Affect Our Everyday Lives

    How does the topic of diversity affect our everyday lives? Knowledge breeds diversity. The more we understand about the world around us, the more humans explore and science progresses, as culture expands in our limit space here on this finite earth, we detect more and more differences in each other. The human genome has an almost infinite number of combinations allowing for each and every individual human to be completely distinct. The human race is incredibly diverse and this often leads to…

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  • Seven Habits Profile

    The highest ranked category in the Seven Habits Profile was identified as think win-win. I value the three character traits identified in this habit and strive to incorporate them into my everyday leadership style (Covey, 1989). The first trait, integrity, is reflective in having a strong moral code. As a leader, I have been faced with difficult decisions where solutions are guided by my values. I have self-reported my mistakes because it is the right thing to do. I have grown in the aspect of…

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