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  • Marriage In The Bahamas

    Divorce is a serious problem and we see that is on the rise in the Bahamas. There are many ways we can prevent marriages from falling apart. Communication is important in any relationship but it is especially important in marriages. Communication helps strengthen their bond. Talk to your spouse. Ask about their day, their interests, and etc. Your spouse will appreciate the time spent talking. They will feel intimacy just from talking to you. Spouses don’t communicate their emotions in an…

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  • Persuasive Speech On Self Evaluation

    Name: Jarren Calizo Persuasive Self-Evaluation Organization What did you do to ensure that your speech was organized/accessible to the audience? The way I organized my speech was that I had my ideas on my phone and I used it as a guide to present my persuasive speech. The words were in a small font on my phone so I kind of took a bit of pauses here and there that caused me to sound less smooth while presenting. However, I was able to fit in the information and evidence into my presentation that…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Timeline And My Lifeline

    Before beginning this leadership course I knew the basic definition of what leadership means to me. This definition has been shaped by many events and people. My Timeline and My Lifeline represent events in my life that have contributed to who I am today. Some national events like the attacks of 9/11 and Columbine (that occurred four days before I was born), increased safety concerns for all of the nation which is why employers want to ensure who he or she hires is qualified and someone he or…

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  • Brandt Job Analysis

    Good to hear from you! I hope all is going well with your transition process. Ultimately, the most important things to me for a recommendation are authenticity and honesty. I know it has been a few years since I worked for you so, I am not sure how much is fresh, or can be recalled. Perhaps, the recommendation can address the following: 1. Think back on why you selected me to be the First Sergeant of Bravo Battery. What skills, knowledge, and attitudes stuck out that made me a right fit for…

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  • Texting Is Killing Language Analysis

    From the early 2000’s to present time, texting started to become popular all around the world. We are constantly on our electronics chatting with friends, family, or loved ones, but the most used tool that we use is texting. As these years have passed by we are getting lazier and lazier when we text. We’ve come to the point where we just a single letter like “u” to portray the word “you”. While we continue to text like this, we need to stop and think and ask ourselves, is texting killing writing…

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  • Peter Doolitle Ted Talk

    In his TED talk, Peter Doolittle aims to inform the audience on the topic of working memory. As a speaker, Doolittle caters his speech to his audience which is illustrated by the organization of the speech and by the relation of the topic to the audience. For instance, Doolittle humorously opens his speech with an anecdote to introduce the topic of working memory. The choice to make the humorous remark regarding a person’s walking speed, “well that wasn’t fast enough for me,” immediately allows…

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  • Nancy Bonvillain's Language, Culture, And Communication

    According to Nancy Bonvillain in her book Language, Culture, and Communication: The Meaning of Messages, the setting of a communitive event “helps define events as particular kinds of occasions invoking certain behaviors and restricting others. Setting for communication can be classified along a continuum of formality and informality (Bonvillain 2014, page 72).” Using Judith Irvine’s four indicators of formality to determine if the event is formal or informal, first is to look at the increased…

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  • Assignment 2: Self Assessment Analysis

    Unit 2 offers a self-assessment test that helps create a picture to help a person evaluate where they are in life, how far one has come since their last test, and what they have to do to be successful in Bethel’s online program (Bethel University, 2014). The test listed 30 skills for a person to evaluate. Being honest was the only way for a person to be truly evaluated. The test was very interesting and even though I did not learn anything new about myself it did confirm why I am in…

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  • Jeff Lliff's Argument Analysis

    Arguments are constantly seen throughout each day. They are made on the news, in advertisements, and by professors. The choice weather to believe these arguments being made depends heavily on the argument’s ethos. Jeff Lliff gave a TED Talk about sleep and what the brain is doing during sleep. Each argument Lliff made was believable because of the ethos involved. Lliff established ethos because of his credibility, through visuals, and authority, through his background. This ethos, that was…

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  • WIU Reflection

    As a student at Western Illinois University, I didn’t know how I was going to be able to get involved with a lot. I just figured that I would maintain my grades and get involved with an organization the following semester. However, I dawned on me that I was not getting the full WIU experience just only focusing on my studies. I felt it was time to embrace the WIU organizations offered on campus. During this time, I made myself acclimated with going to the Black Student Association. I was just a…

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