Intercultural relations

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  • International Relations Personal Statement Examples

    Majoring in communications at UC Davis and getting certified at CSU Long Beach’s Professional Diversity Training Workshop from “Students Talk About Race” laid the foundation for reaching this goal. And through my professional work in public relations and marketing, often in areas of social impact and Corporate Social Responsibility, I have developed skills vital to storytelling, motivating public opinion and communicating effectively in various industries. It is my hope that through a mater’s degree in international relations, I will continue to fine tune my skills, and become an effective player in promoting healthy intercultural relationships among local and international corporations, non-profits, and…

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  • Personal Influences On My Life

    Many unique and challenging life experiences have shaped my life and have positively influenced my aspiration to be of service to the community. At age eighteen I was addicted to drugs and alcohol. I was homeless, uneducated, and destitute, but I sought help from an inpatient treatment center. During this time, I was evaluated and diagnosed with a depressive disorder. Due to this diagnosis, I received mental health services in addition to participating in the rehabilitation program for…

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  • How The Small Culture Approach To Intercultural Differences

    participants and apply conceptual framework linked to intercultural awareness such as the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS). Finally, a conclusion summarising the case will be given. 2.0 Analysis of Case Study 2.1 Analysis…

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  • Intercultural Communication As Revealed In Language Learning Article

    n the article “Exploring the exchange student’s global minds in a study abroad project” by John et al(2015), the authors present a research which aims to determine how the students improve themselves in the foreign environment and how they construct their global minds. Meanwhile in the article “Intercultural Communication as Revealed in Language Learning Histories” by Doman(2014), the author reveals the important factors which either hinder or enhance students’ English learning abilities.…

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  • Intercultural Competence In Cross Culture Communication

    The topic of intercultural competence have become very important in the past years of the globalization era where people of diverse cultures meet, study and work together. Conversation between culturally different speakers are more likely go wrong than between the speakers of the same culture. People need to obtain the intercultural competence in order to communicate smoothly with people from different cultural background and go beyond the conceptual meaning of the utterance. Misunderstandings…

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  • Intercultural Competence And Cultural Competence

    What is cultural competence and how can it be gained? Intercultural competence is the ability to be sensitive, reflective, tolerant, and efficient during interactions with individuals of different cultures (Behrnd & Porzelt, 2012). Arasaratnam and Doerfel (2005) identify having prior cross-cultural experiences, a global understanding of culture without ethnocentrism, and listening skills that allow one to be proficient in cross-cultural communication as important components of…

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  • Iceberg Model Of Intercultural Analysis

    An important competence for intercultural success is to understand and accept cultural differences. Bennett’s (1986) Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS) demonstrates the stages of interpretations of cultural difference. Figure 1. DMIS (Bennett, 1986) Hammer et al. (2003) explains that the ethnocentric stages are ‘avoiding cultural difference’ and ethnorelative stages are ‘seeking cultural difference’ and accepting it. When group members are at different stages of the DMIS…

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  • Importance Of Cross Cultural Communication

    cross cultural communication and this is so because the basic principles and processes describing the other forms of communication also apply in cross cultural communication. The cross cultural communication started due to the advancements in economic growth and technological developments which led to breaking down of cultural barriers as businesses looked for ways to expand and seek foreign markets. This was so as companies had to cope with the new set of dynamic issues as they considered the…

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  • Cultural Differences Between Anna And The King

    Intercultural communication differences are unavoidable when people from different cultures communicate with each other. In some aspects, those differences may make people exciting contacing with a new culture. However, most of time, cultural differences cause unpleasant feelings to one in a new environment. In this analysis of the film “Anna and the king”, the differences between Siam (Thailand) and England cultures will be demonstrated through four concepts: power distance, gender…

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  • Culture And Communication Paper

    as vital, such as body language and ones facial expressions. Culture is a set of social practises, thoughts and ideas, which a group of individuals have in common (Horden, 2015, pp.3). Culture shapes how we perceive the world we live in, by letting make assumptions about certain aspects of our environment. Culture takes multiple forms, Hartley (1994, cited in L’Etang, 2007, pp. 213), noted the concept of culture I explains a variety of cultural groups such as social groupings, a business…

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