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  • The Importance Of User Interfaces

    Introduction: User interfaces are an integral part of the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) process. It is not just the computer that opts for an efficient interface but most of the machines have their own interface where a human should be able to give a command to the machine ("Introducing User Interface Design," no date). As stated in the article (Marcus & Gould, 2000) it has been widely approved that a good user interface is necessary for the better execution and request to the user. The user interface advancement process centres consideration on understanding users and recognising demographic differing qualities. Being such an integral part of the process, the user interface is not given a prior importance while designing a commercial operating…

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  • Nurse Interface

    The Healthcare Interface and RN’s The healthcare profession consists of many members with nurses making for the largest amount of staff; the health field can only function properly by the daily interaction of nurses and various personnel. The structure of the healthcare system is highly dependent on nurses, nonetheless the organization would not function without the other members involved. The increase of diabetes, obesity, and the rise in life expectancy, has increased the need for…

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  • Brain Computer Interface Story

    With today’s technology I am almost positive that everyone has seen a heartbreaking story of a paralyzed person being able to express themselves or complete an everyday task with the help of a computer. What exactly helped that person complete that function though? It is called Brain Computer Interfaces, or BCIs for short. “A brain-computer interface links a human brain directly to a computer, where neural signals are interpreted and used to perform tasks such as manipulating a mouse”(pg 1). It…

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  • MEP Application (API) Management Architecture Application

    Application Programming interface acts as the messenger that takes the client request, and send backs a response. This process is similar to a waiter at a restaurant taking your order, then returning your meal from the kitchen. The kitchen acts as the databases transporting the information to complete the response of the request. A mobile client requests a transaction. This request needs to go through security clearance, to make sure that this user requesting this information can have access to…

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  • Roles Of Ecommerce

    discussed below together with the methods and resources needed to develop such a system. Human Computer Interaction (HCI) concentrates on design, evaluation and interactive computer system for human use. Interactions between people and computers occurs to facilitate online marketing and technological growth. Human Computer Interaction determines how users can use electronic components and its benefit as well. HCI explains why some software products are of high quality and why some cannot be of…

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  • Top Trumps World Football Stars: Meta Game

    Some of these examples include, using a slot theme that doesn’t match with the rest of the game or using a pop up menu that takes you away from the action. You will not find either of those things here. Instead, the user interface in Top Trumps World Football Stars adds to the theme, with shades of hot red and metallic silver. Within the holding display are the user controls; the buttons you can find are info, auto start, paylines, bet per line, bet max, gamble, and spin. Above this button you…

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  • Human Computer Interface Case Study

    1. Introduction The Human-Computer Interface is an interdisciplinary field that will focus on the interaction that will exist between the human users and the system. This will include the user interface and all the underlying processes that will produce the interaction. This will process will include contributing disciplines like computer science, cognitive science, human factors, software engineering, management science, psychology, sociology and anthropology. All of the early research and…

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  • Describe Design Constraints

    of user communication that can take place at a given instant. There are various ways this container be achieved. Mapping – This mentions to the relationship between panels and their effects in the creation. Nearly all relics need some kind of mapping amid controls and effects, whether it is a penlight, car, power vegetable, or arena. An instance of a good mapping amid control and effect is the up and down missiles used to represent the up and down drive of the cursor, respectively, on a…

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  • Assignment: A Cognitive Walk-Out Of A Mobile Application

    used for online transactions. A non-user based evaluation method has been used for finding usability problems and determining various solutions in order to prevent them. The primary task for a banking application is fund transfer, it can be either between users two different accounts or paying a person. In this experiment both the cases has been undertaken which reveals the lack of some user functionalities and usability defects in the app which needs to fix. A number of tasks were…

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  • Interactive Narrative Analysis

    This interactive narrative is an interactive documentary short that follows Marta Aviles, a longtime resident of Brooklyn’s Los Sures neighborhood in South Williamsburg, NY. Living there for nearly forty years, she now faces challenges with the rapid gentrification of her neighborhood. This piece documents her journey in deciding whether to stay or to leave her home. The narrative was broken down into the following structure: Introduction, The Street, The Stairs, The Apartment, The Listing, Part…

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