Roles Of Ecommerce

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E-commerce is an online purchasing and vending platform. It is useful in linking goods and services online for those interested as it saves time and resources by getting the best prices in prior without tedious travels. Therefore, one can buy goods online and order supplies as there are personal interactions with the auctioneer. This is effected by the use of various devices like mobile phones, tablets and computers. The use of mobile phones, computers and other electronic devices used in e-commerce interaction, crucial roles and functions in line with online business will be discussed below together with the methods and resources needed to develop such a system.

Human Computer Interaction (HCI) concentrates on design, evaluation and interactive
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It protects the customers from undesirable environments, recovers lost data and ensures privacy by protecting personal information from leaking. A human computer interaction provides the right kind of functionality that enables customers to do whatever they want. It also ensures that they have completed the task at hand. This makes work easier and helps on to save …show more content…
The mobile technology advances and continues to increase the desire of the customers. Global Position Service being the most important use of mobile device is a satellite navigation system that has a GPS receiver which uses satellite to locate geographical locations. Operating systems are made by different companies. They are the most important programs in the computer. They help in running the computer and its applications. They make swapping more efficient and helps allocate memory in mobile devices. In large systems, the operating system makes sure that different programs and users function at the same time. Interactive design describes designing and making of websites, GPS systems etc. Therefore, some of the resources need by the user are: an operating mobile device or a computer with the application installed on it, web browser on the computer needs to be installed and an internet connection assuming that the product will run on any

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