Importance Of Cross Cultural Communication

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Communication can be defined as the conveying of or exchange of information between two people. Cross-cultural communication can be simply looked at as the study of how persons from varied cultural backgrounds communicate amongst themselves and also across the different cultures. This is of great value as it allows us not only to appreciate the diversity in culture but also provides us with the opportunity to learn from the various cultures. The understanding of someone else's culture smooth's the progress of cross cultural communication and this is so because the basic principles and processes describing the other forms of communication also apply in cross cultural communication.
The cross cultural communication started due to the advancements in economic growth and technological developments which led to breaking down of cultural barriers as businesses looked for ways to expand and seek foreign markets. This was so as companies had to cope with the new set of dynamic issues as they considered the global market (Walker, D. et al, 2003, pp.4). As a result, language training was initiated so as to overcome the cultural barriers and this has led to a demand for these languages and in turn educational institutions have been forced to incorporate intercultural understanding and knowledge into their curriculums. With the advancement in cross
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A similar case also applies to cross cultural communications which offer challenges. In cross cultural communication, the major problem faced is language barrier. Language relays with it subliminal meanings transmitted through vocabulary, stress and tone and the inappropriate use of words hidden behind phrases send messages can distort the message as it can be interpreted differently. When it comes to language barrier, the way of speaking creates the utmost reason for

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