Mean Girls: Interpersonal Language In Mean Girls

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Mean Girls Interpersonal Language the movie analyzed for interpersonal communication was the movie “Mean Girls”. The movie is about a teenage girl Cady who moves to the United States after living in Africa for 12 years. Cady is enrolled in a public school for the first time. Her first friends were Janice, who is a goth and many think she is a lesbian, and Damian who is publicly gay. But she has many difficult experiences, many revolve around the girls they call the “plastics”. Cady seeks revenge on the leader of the group Regina, after she finds out how manipulative and selfish she is. After all of the revenge Cady finally has her way and set the girls of the junior class straight. By the end of the movie Regina is no longer seen as the queen …show more content…
She is convinced that she is not good enough or that she has the right stuck up attitude to fit in with the other girls. Janice and Damian convinced her to join. They told Cady that she only has to pretend to like the the girls and put up with the drama just long enough to find out what really goes on within that particular group of girls. The language used that contributes to this scene on a pragmatic level is when Damian and Janice told her that she can fit in, and that she is pretty enough and joining the plastics wont be all that bad. They had input that contributed to the conversation. The input that each individual had was different. The differences were solely based on gender. Damian had mentioned how hot the girls were and told Cady that she can fit in with the group because she is beautiful and has the body for it. meanwhile Janice was judging Regina and Gretchen based on their personalities. She had said that the girls are stuck up, self centered and think the world revolves around them. The difference in pragmatic language based on gender seems to be typical but both Damian and Janice have different views on the conversational topic being discussed. The difference in language is not only influenced by gender but culture as well. Damian and Janice use a lot of slang words …show more content…
Gretchen expressed emotions of sadness, hurt and annoyance towards Regina and the situation. She felt as if Regina was controlling her and making her less of who she really was. Emotional communication shows true feelings and sincere hurt. Emotional communication comes with its own body language as well. As Gretchen was discussing this personally hurtful topic, she had tears rolling down her cheeks. Emotional communication often creates empathy within the individuals who are engaging in interpersonal

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