Communication disorders

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  • Personal Narrative: My Current Role As Administrative Assistant

    I have developed strong communication skills throughout my career with experience in customer service, handling client enquiries, composing emails, writing reports and liaising with stakeholders. In my current role as Administrative Coordinator at the CSH&ETC, my communication skills are utilised daily through answering calls and email enquiries, composing newsletter and social media content, proof reading and data entry management. Previously working as an Administration Assistant/Estimator…

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  • Daniel Orozco's Orientation

    As many know, an orientation is a long, extenuating process that is used in order to provide vital information, whether it pertain to a job or even school. The information is drilled into each individual’s brain by repetition of words and even by words typed on a piece of paper. In Daniel Orozco’s “Orientation,” the reader can see that this isn’t just any normal orientation being given, it was more like an in-depth view into each employee’s life whether it pertained to the office or their…

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  • Does Diversity Affect Our Everyday Lives

    How does the topic of diversity affect our everyday lives? Knowledge breeds diversity. The more we understand about the world around us, the more humans explore and science progresses, as culture expands in our limit space here on this finite earth, we detect more and more differences in each other. The human genome has an almost infinite number of combinations allowing for each and every individual human to be completely distinct. The human race is incredibly diverse and this often leads to…

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  • Marriage In The Bahamas

    Divorce is a serious problem and we see that is on the rise in the Bahamas. There are many ways we can prevent marriages from falling apart. Communication is important in any relationship but it is especially important in marriages. Communication helps strengthen their bond. Talk to your spouse. Ask about their day, their interests, and etc. Your spouse will appreciate the time spent talking. They will feel intimacy just from talking to you. Spouses don’t communicate their emotions in an…

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  • Comm 3220: Case Study 1: Technology's Impact On Society

    The excuses he made about the communication problems could have been true; however, if all of the meetings took place in the conference room then this problem may have never occurred. People are unpredictable sometimes, so the group did what they had to do and covered Kyle’s missing pieces. This is the upside of having a good group and using the various communication methods. The downside, being that Kyle was unreliable even with many means of communication. Again, this could have been because…

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  • Positive Optimism

    The idea of optimism leading to better health has been an object of study for scientists. Researchers have reviewed the results of over 80 studies to look for common findings. They found positive thinking had a remarkable impact on physical health. The study examined overall longevity, survival from a disease, heart health, immunity, cancer outcomes, pregnancy outcomes, pain tolerance, and other health topics. It seemed that those who had a more optimistic outlook did better and had better…

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  • Social Worker Professionalism

    able to deal with any daily challenges that arise. You must be able to resolve any issues simple or complex you must show a significant amount of professionalism and patience when handling issues you should address them calmly and with patients. Communication skills are critical skills when handling a broad range of particular problems and dealing with different populations. As a professional you must be able to deal with clients in a friendly and…

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  • Peter Doolitle Ted Talk

    In his TED talk, Peter Doolittle aims to inform the audience on the topic of working memory. As a speaker, Doolittle caters his speech to his audience which is illustrated by the organization of the speech and by the relation of the topic to the audience. For instance, Doolittle humorously opens his speech with an anecdote to introduce the topic of working memory. The choice to make the humorous remark regarding a person’s walking speed, “well that wasn’t fast enough for me,” immediately allows…

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  • WIU Reflection

    As a student at Western Illinois University, I didn’t know how I was going to be able to get involved with a lot. I just figured that I would maintain my grades and get involved with an organization the following semester. However, I dawned on me that I was not getting the full WIU experience just only focusing on my studies. I felt it was time to embrace the WIU organizations offered on campus. During this time, I made myself acclimated with going to the Black Student Association. I was just a…

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  • Volunteer Community

    One of the discourse communities that I am a part of is the Sutter Health Volunteer community. Specifically, those who work at the Women's and Children's Center (WCC) building in the Maternal Newborn unit on the 8th floor. This community has many responsibilities, goals, and shared ideas. The Volunteer Service Description document lists out all the tasks that a volunteer must perform in this community. Moreover, this document shows some of the responsibilities and objectives of this community.…

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