Group Work Strengths

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When working with clients in a group practice there can be a lot of personal qualities you can have that can be helpful. Some of the many qualities could be patience, team-oriented, social/people skills, responsible, and trustworthy. Having patience is a big strength you will need because there can be many complications like having difficult clients, clients having difficulty moving forward, etc. Being team-oriented is also helpful since you are working in a group and having that quality can help you navigate clients to have a good flow when communicating and working together. Being social and having people skills can help you detect when there is a problem with a client or communication problems and help them solve them. Being responsible and trustworthy can help clients feel more open and be able to talk about their problems. …show more content…
I think these strengths are very useful when conducting a group work since they help people open-up. In a group work like I stated earlier, patience is very necessary when dealing with clients. In group works things do not always go as plan and there can be many obstacles, so having patience can help you remain calm and help the group get back on track. Being open minded is also helpful because you are not there to judge anyone and being open to anything the clients say can help them feel more comfortable sharing. Compassionate is also very helpful because if you are compassionated it means you care for the people around you and in a group work you are there to help people deal with any problem they are facing. All clients in a group there are there because they are having problems and being reliable is important because someone that is having a hard time needs stability. The group work is there constant in their life that can help them cope with their

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