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  • Argumentative Essay On Female Engineering

    engineering requires active presence and involvement; a female engineer noted in an interview, “To advance, it seems as though you must be willing and able to work 50+ hours/week; and often be on call 24/7” (qtd. in Fouad and Romila 29). With women already balancing family caretaking responsibilities, pursuing a career in a competitive field that requires long hours and allows few days off becomes grueling and near impossible. Another female engineer, describing her perception of the dichotomy…

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  • Why I Want To Become A World Class Engineer Essay

    imagination. Growing up has changed some things for me. I still aspire to be an Inventor of sorts, but I want to do it better through becoming a world class Engineer. A world Class engineer would be able to effectively make goals and stick to them to strengthen their effect; the Engineer is also able to set measurable and achievable goals and allow the engineer to do all that they set out to do. They regularly and consistently strengthen their goals so that they have a clear understanding of…

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  • STEM Career Progression

    for women of all ages in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) based careers. Many corporations have created programs to help generate more interest in women, especially at a young age. Learning the basics of STEM, demand for engineers, and programs for women have been essential to the development of keeping the attention from women. Consequently, the problem for a career in secondary education in math is the lack of interest from young women. Since there is a large demand…

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  • Business Ethics Case Study: The Ford Pinto Case

    himself the best. As discussed previously, he is inclined to make a choice which would benefit him so he will likely choose that, but which of his choices is best is not the question posed in this paper. The question was was it moral to do as the engineers did and not include the piece and the answer is yes, it was not immoral and by definition is there for…

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  • Fulfilling Constraints In The Engineering Industry

    Since the modernization of technology in the last century, engineers often face the task of meeting demanding constraints in order to satisfy the consumers’ needs. For some professionals, many years of preparations are critical in becoming proficient in the industry. Therefore, they practice since secondary or post-secondary education in order to gain positive habits that will make those aspired innovators conscientious in their fields. Engineers always practice these methods to meet the…

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  • Social Engineering Essay

    Communication Defining Social Engineering Social engineering is defined by Berti (2003) as “the criminal art of tricking staff into revealing corporate information.” Social engineering can take place on various levels, and for various purposes. Social engineers can target other individuals and extract enough information to steal their identities (Brower, 2010). They can also use social engineering to perform reconnaissance on an organization, gaining critical knowledge to plan a future attacks.…

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  • Female Engineering Mentorship

    mentorship for females pursuing engineer careers. According to Theresa Barger, a writer for The New York Times, “[H]aving a mentor who faced similar discrimination and figured out a way to be taken seriously makes all the difference” (Barger). While an effective mentor can be of either gender, an experienced female engineer is more likely than an experienced male engineer to experience struggles similar with those faced by the rising generation of female engineers, such as workplace bias or…

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  • The Benefits Of Community Engineering

    out their connections and establish relationships with people that can help them to achieve their personal goals. If you would ask a “world class” engineer if they established any connections over the years, they would probably say dozens. An engineer to that stature would have a ton of relationships in their field that have helped them become the engineer that they are today. Having a relationship with your peers allows for team cohesiveness, social aspects, and personal support. Everyone makes…

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  • Obstacles: A Career As A World Class Engineering

    What’s an engineer? That first thing that comes to mind when I’m ask that question is someone “smart,” “solve problems,” or “a lot of math.” The truth is that engineering is all of that and more. To describe what an engineer does can be quite complicated because the field involves many areas. You can have mechanical, chemical, biomedical, electrical, and many others. Even if engineering is such a broad field, all these areas have something in common, solve problems. Engineers are those that use…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career As An Environmental Engineer

    environmental engineer is, yet it does not completely sum up what exactly one is. An environmental engineer is a paid and educated worker for the world who works full-time in multiple environments in order to receive the benefits of protecting the planet for others (Bureau of Labor Statistics). The idea of this being what an environmental engineer is has led me to believe that it is the career for me. However, the concept from above did not fully tell me what an environmental engineer is, so…

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