STEM Career Progression

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Across the United States, there is a huge demand for women of all ages in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) based careers. Many corporations have created programs to help generate more interest in women, especially at a young age. Learning the basics of STEM, demand for engineers, and programs for women have been essential to the development of keeping the attention from women. Consequently, the problem for a career in secondary education in math is the lack of interest from young women. Since there is a large demand for women in STEM careers, jobs in secondary education specializing in math can become a vital step in the development of young women pursuing a career in engineering.
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To explain, many companies across the United States are searching for talented and interested women to become a part of the STEM career field. Women are able to be involved by going to sponsored summits that allow their skills to be shown and the opportunity to be recruited for an engineering occupation. Many successful corporations are attempting to achieve interest from highly intelligent women, since the number of women engineers is relatively low throughout America’s history (The Institute for International Research n.pag.). “Sophie, like many students is immersed[sic] in a world of technology. Students today have at their fingertips access to a variety of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) that simply did not exist when their teachers were school aged children” (Besnoy 5). The large shortage of women is caused by the lack of encouragement and a poor understanding of their importance to the career field. Engineering companies are attempting to recruit women at a young age in order to allow them to explore their opportunity as an engineer throughout the rest of their schooling career. Hence, the demand for engineers calls for companies to give attention to encouraging women and the shortage of women in the engineering …show more content…
With the help of successful women engineers, young women prospects are surrounded with the proper tools needed to become a successful engineer as well. College counselors are vital to women understanding how to seize the opportunities within the STEM-based career field (Bystydzienski 94). The opportunities for women in engineering careers is at a staggering number, yet most young women do not have any knowledge of the field. After the completion of the FREE program, more than half of the participants were debating their chance to become an engineer and part of the STEM career field. The participation by women created major progress for their interest in furthering engineering because the majority had little to no interest about engineering before completing the program (Bystydzienski 90). The involvement of women in STEM occupation fields is in short supply, which is the reason groups like IRR (Institute for International Research) sponsor events to gain the interest of women. The demand for skilled workers and women has created a large amount of opportunities for women interested in pursuing an engineering related profession (Institute for International Research n.pag.). These programs for women are generating new, intriguing courses of action for the development of women in the engineering field. Women

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