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  • Plumbing Engineer Essay

    plumbing engineer works on a house, then he or she will be working either at an office building or at home. A plumbing engineer’s responsibility on a house is to design where the hot and cold systems go with help from their assists. The engineer does this job responsibility by using software like Autodesk AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, and SPIPE by Elite software to effectively design where the pipes in the building are going to be placed. Furthermore, when your house is first built a plumbing…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of A Career In Petroleum Engineering

    Laurie Taxiarchou she answered back to a couple of questions asked about being prepared and what it takes. She said “For petroleum engineers a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering is preferred, but you can also get in with degrees in Mechanical engineering, Chemical engineering, Chemical engineering or Environmental engineering”. Classes required to become an engineer are algebra, trigonometry, calculus, biology, chemistry, and physics ( Most of these classes you learn in high…

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  • Jurisdictional Scan Case Study

    regulatory body to assess engineers, there are also bodies for specialized fields of engineering. In 1919, the Institute of Engineers Australia (now Engineers Australia) was formed to amalgamate the existing twelve engineering societies across Australia (Encyclopedia of Australian Science 1919). While the Institute pushed for statutory registration of the profession, only the jurisdiction of Queensland passed a legislation to require registration of practicing engineers (Boyce 2003). In other…

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  • Engineering Philosophy

    to Merriam Webster an engineer is “a person who has scientific training and who designs and builds complicated products, machines, systems, or structures.” Although most people think of this definition (or one relatively close to it) when they hear “engineer,” I understand it to be more than that. When I think of an engineer, I tend to look at that title through the perspective of the dedication, perseverance, and overall work ethic that that person had to become an engineer. From firsthand…

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  • Essay On Mechanical Engineering

    will take humanity far beyond in to the stars. To design, innovate and advance technological solutions for the world is the modern engineer’s purpose in life. Engineering consists of four chief branches, civil engineering, electrical engineering; chemical engineering and mechanical engineering (Engineering, 2014). This paper will cover three of the four engineering fields. Electrical engineering is the study and application of electricity and electromagnetism. This field emerged in the 19th…

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  • College Admissions Essay: A Career As A Civil Engineer

    Then I questioned him about the equality to opportunity and other lessons he taught me as a kid. He said being a civil engineers he has seen all the corners of the field and he feels woman are not as capable to work on field as men. He was not questioning my intelligence, he was just trying to say that women are not physically as strong as men and the jobs in the field of…

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  • The Benefits Of Being An Animator

    To be a mechanical engineer one has to learn various system components, from computer programming to power systems, and cover technical subjects, such as fluid mechanics, thermodynamics and hydraulics. They also need to gain a basic understanding of civil, electrical, and chemical engineering. A solid foundation in study techniques and technological applications is needed to identify problems and then come up with effective ways to talk about them. The best mechanical engineers challenge…

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  • Why Become An Engineer Essay

    “Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems” (Scott Adams). Engineers have a very fulfilling job being able to create items and devises that have not been thought of in the past. There are many reasons why becoming an Engineer is a rewarding job but to me there are three specific reasons I want to become an Engineer. These reasons would include using creativity, receiving higher salaries, and being proud. Using creativity…

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  • Virtue Ethics In Electrical Engineering

    How to be a great Electrical Engineer --- Analysis on virtue ethics of Electrical Engineers With increasing demands of new technologies, engineers have an essential role in human’s life nowadays. Mechanical engineers, chemical engineers and many other types of engineers are trying their best to bring the best and safest technologies to human society. Among these varieties of engineers, electrical engineers play an important role in numerous fields. An electrical engineer has varieties of…

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  • How To Become An Engineer Essay

    any of these questions, you might think like an engineer! An engineer is not just a person driving the train. Engineers are the reason we have everything from thumbtacks to rocket ships. Our society depends on engineers to design everything we need to survive. That includes communication, transportation, housing, medical care, and even our food. Engineers think up all kinds of methods to help make the world a better and safer place to live. An engineer thinks about problems and ideas on how to…

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