Workplace Skills Essay

My previous knowledge of topic before enrolling into this EPP1:
Workplace skills also referred to employability skills which are the basic skills a person must have to perform the required task. These skills include knowledge, skills and attitude which allow the worker to understand the culture of the workplace and fit in with all the stakeholders of the organisation. These are crucial in order to achieve success in all aspect of the organisation. Workplace skills branches off to technical and transferable skills. To build a self-competitive advantage it is crucial to possess both of the skills.
Previous to my enrolment in the course Engineering Practise Preview 1, I had minimal understanding of the topic Workplace skills. My understanding
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At formal level with senior management and clients and at informal level situations such as lunch times, “water cooler talk” and social events. These can involve written, verbals, non-verbal (such as appropriate and culturally sensitive sign language in a professional environment) and listening skills. So developing these skills are important in day to day practicing life. Sometimes I encounter some colleagues and even clients that have very “thick” accents. As an engineer you need to be able to understand their requirements and “problems” in order to respond to them. One particular example, at the very first client meeting where we had a client representative with Scottish accent which I found very difficult to understand. At first, I was not sure whether to ask him to repeat what he said slowly and “clearly” in order for me to understand or not to ask as it might have been taken as a sign of disrespect to a client. I politely asked him to repeat himself as I did not hear him the first time. However, when he repeated himself the second time, I still could not understood him. Luckily my senior manager intervened and quite clearly repeated on what he said. From that moment onwards I realised the importance of diversity in the workplace and as a professional engineer we might come across many nationalities with different communication skill levels, different “mode” of communicating and what they recommend now is to develop a flexible communication skill in order to effectively and efficiently get the job

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