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Over the entire semester, I have learnt a lot of useful writing skills and techniques from the ENG 107 course. All the writing projects that I did in this course are very meaningful and useful. Moreover, I have changed my writing style from disorder to well organized followed by the outline whenever I start a writing project. After taking ENG 107, I felt that it helps me to improve my writing not only for the writing projects in this course but also my other course. First of all, several steps should be done before we start to write our first draft for all the writing projects. I think this method is very useful, because I can understand the requirement of the writing projects without doing the wrong projects. Furthermore, I learned to organize …show more content…
I will always do a free writing and outline to brain storm my ideas before I start to write. Outline can help me to determine what should I include into my writing project. Besides, I also learned to cite the resources that I have found from the internet. For example, I learned to do the paraphrase and in text citation in this course, I realized that this is also very useful for my other class that require a lot of writing, for example lab report for my biology and chemistry classes. I learned to write a works cited with correct format. For example, we need to include works cited page in our very last part of the writing project in MLA form. In the conclusion, I learned a lot of useful skills from this course which can apply to my future English class and also other courses. Moreover, I learned to accept the challenge from all the writing project and followed all the steps in order to produce a good writing project that fulfilled all the requirements. After taking ENG 107 course my writing habits have changed and improved a lot as compared to my previous writing

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